How to increase the conversions of your crypto airdrops

May 15, 2019

Struggling to fill your airdrop? You’re giving away free coins, but the users aren’t lining up to get them yet? Let’s have a look at how we can increase the conversions for your airdrops.

Conversions: the percentage of participants who join the giveaway compared to the number of unique users who have seen the airdrop

What you should look for when increasing conversions


There are a few metrics you have to track to learn how you can optimize your airdrop campaign:

  • Unique visits on the landing page;
  • Time spend on a page;
  • Amount of pages per user;
  • The bounce rate of your airdrop page;
  • Mouse click positions of users;
  • Referring sites to your URL.

How much traffic are you getting?

The number of unique visits on the page can tell you a lot of things. You can see if you’re hitting your KPI’s of your marketing campaign or if your SEO strategyis paying off. You see where your users are coming from and it gives you the chance to dive deeper into the statistic of the user behavior.

How long are users looking at your airdrop?

Do your visitors spend a lot of time on your airdrop form or not? We see an average of 3 minutes per airdrop, with over 2000 airdrops listed.

If your new attracted visitors leave within a minute, it suggests there are not liking what they see.

A good landing page with clear instructions can already increase the time spend on your site, and ultimately the conversions for your crypto airdrop as well.

You might want to direct them to your fund raising page after they have completed the required task to claim their freebie.

Do the people look at other pages as well?

When users collect the free tokens and leave after, we can conclude they aren’t interested in your project as much as you might have hoped. Some might be bounty or airdrop hunters, others might have missed the point of your project.

Are you transmitting the right triggers to get them interested though?

Make sure your vision or brand story is clear from the moment new users land on your website. Catch their interest, before they find the airdrop. That’s how they browse longer after they claimed their token freebies.

If you can get them slightly enthusiastic about the project, you’ll find it much easier to fill your airdrop.

Let’s bounce

The bounce rate will tell you an important story if you’re willing to pay attention to it. It’s the biggest conversion killer, because if a user leaves you won’t convert them.

Bounce rate is when people land on your site and immediately leave.


With over 2000 airdrops listed on our platform, we see bounce rates between as low as 15%, all the way up to 87% per airdrop. With an average rate of 58%.

A high bounce rate can mean a few things:

  1. A user came to the site with other intentions.
  2. He couldn’t quickly find what he was looking for.
  3. She could quickly see, the airdrop steps were too much.
  4. They thought the airdrop steps were too difficult.

The first one is often due to spammy backlinks. If you have a referral system for your crypto giveaway, users might spam the link hoping to get referrals. They are playing a conversion game too. The game with high volume, and low conversions.

Number two is due to a lack of structure of your airdrop form, or website. This should be an easy fix for your team.

The third one is because you don’t have a clear funnel strategy. If you have done your research, you’ll find out what the best funnel for your users is. That could be any of the social networks like Telegram channels, a well engaged Twitter or even Reddit can be a great medium. However, if you don’t know which channel works best for your project, you end up trying to growth hack them all.

too many steps

Without a clear strategy, you’ll end up asking for it all. Image you try to claim this airdrop as a user?

If I see 11 steps, I’ll bounce too!

Last but not least, don’t make the airdrop steps too difficult. We once saw an exchange that asked users to create an account, download the app, complete KYC and do your first trade. That sounds like a lot of work and it will most definitely hurt the conversion of your airdrops.

Where are your new users clicking?

Tools like Hotjar, allow you to track mouse clicks and movement of your visitors. This enables you to study their browsing behavior.

Are they not clicking where you want them to? Then perhaps there is something wrong with the placement of your call to action button.

Which sites send traffic your way?

Which backlinks do you receive your traffic from? Is it sites like Airdrop Alert? Or are you receiving traffic from shady Telegram channels.

We mentioned it before, a referral system can lead to spammy links spread. If users get tricked into clicking on links, they bounce quicker. If you get above 70% bounce rate, it can have a negative impact on your SEO status.

Make sure you promote your free tokens on legit airdrop listing sites. If they have clear step-by-step guides with real traffic, it will help increase the conversions on your end. It’s a narrow funnel with higher quality traffic.

Final thoughts

Airdrop Alert

It would be a shame if you give away tokens, but you feel disappointed after the fact.

Make sure to plan ahead, think about what you wish to accomplish and plan a strategy accordingly. That’s how you increase conversions for your crypto airdrops.

An airdrop might fit great into your plans for user acquisition, or it might not be the right time to do it. Whichever it is, when you’re ready to start filling your airdrop up, we’ll be here waiting for you.

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