How to earn money with referral airdrops

September 20, 2018
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Did you know there are airdrops that are open long term and where you can earn tokens by referring friends? Referral airdrops is one of our main revenue streams and we would like to alert you how you can take advantage of them. It was the first way we monetized and we are here to teach you how to do it!


What are referral airdrops?

Frequently you see an airdrop that says 10 tokens airdrop and 1 token per referral. What does this mean? It means you get 1 token for each friend you bring to the airdrop. After completing the sign up process of the airdrop you will receive a referral link. This is a unique link that is connected to your account or email. It usually looks like this: . If you share your referral link with your friends and they sign up using your unique link, you get a reward.

It’s a viral marketing technique that is also used by companies like Uber & AirBnB

You will find that most of exclusive airdrops include a referral system, which you receive on the confirmation page and email. The users you refer have to be real and pass verification, otherwise your referral count will be deducted. Everyone has that lazy friend who signs up, but don’t complete all the required task and therefor becomes ineligible for the airdrop. His loss right?


How do I get people to use my referral link?

There are multiple ways to get referrals. We see a lot of “spam”  bots on forums and Telegram groups that post ref links to reach a big amount of people. However we believe this is a very ineffective way to do so. Do you ever click a link from a random person on the internet? We sincerely hope you don’t take that risk.

The best way to get people to use your link is to give them value. AirdropAlert was launched because there was no other source that provided information to users about airdrops and where to find them. Our idea was not to earn money, it was to educate and alert people about the concept of airdrops because we thought it was a cool way to get into crypto. We provided value to our users and in return we ended up earning a lot of tokens through referral programs.

We understand that it’s a bit late to the game to start a new airdrop site now. So how can you provide value to people? Everyone has a different talent to do so. Some people are great writers, others are good designers and some people just have a talent for selling a product. Below are some examples of how you can get people to click your referral link.

YouTube Video

1) Make a Youtube video about the project. Do not focus on promoting referral airdrops, but find out what is good about a project. Get people excited about a project through your content and drop a link at the end about the airdrop. If you got your viewer interested, why would he not claim some free tokens?

Produce Blogs

2) Write a blog about the project. Again we would like to emphasize that the best success you will get is to promote the project. Learn more about the ICO and let people know what is unique about it. Writing a good blog with good content can get you high rating in Google, which will attract organic readers to your blog. If your reader got interested by your blogs, he will likely claim the referral airdrops through your links!


3) Create an infographic. Are you good with design and can you explain a concept using graphics? People love pictures and they love to share pictures on social media. Make a simple infographic with some key points on the project and drop your link below it and hopefully you will get some retweets and Facebook shares!

Social Media Channel

4) Create a social media channel. Create a channel and gather friends to join it. Keep posting regular & unique content to your channel and there is a chance you will organically grow to a size where you can earn a substantial income through referring people. We did it, so can you! With zero experience in marketing or growing channels. In contrast we never had a Twitter account before we started working on the site. You grow a channel by providing regular and relevant content. Don’t just copy/paste others , because that way you are just a copycat. Provide your unique point of view on ICO’s or airdrops to gain a core team of supports. Slowly they will start sharing it with their friends, and once you get a following of a few hundred people you know you are on the right track.

There are a few ongoing referral airdrops which we have promoted for months and earned a big bag of tokens with. You can promote them all year long, so if you provide good content you can create passive crypto income!


referral airdrops

Stox Airdrop

The prediction based website of Stox has referral airdrops to invite friends to join their platform. Each friend that signs up receives an instant 100 STOX which they can use to bet on a prediction game. You get 3 STOX for bringing him to the party. They have monthly automated withdrawal option so you can see the tokens flow in your Ethererum wallet every month. We have met the STOX team on a few conferences, they have had a successful ICO and are making partnerships all over the crypto space. If you don’t have a referral link yet, don’t miss the Stox Airdrop.

They frequently change the reward of the airdrop and referral system, so the value might change over time.


AELF Airdrop

Aelf is a customizable operating system (OS) specifically for blockchains, therefore the team is aiming for it to be the “Linux system” of the blockchain community. They have reserved 12% of tokens for Marketing and Airdrop in first 3 years to promote the activeness of the community. The AELF Airdrop is a perfect example in how to earn passive income with a referral airdrops.


Free Bitcoin Airdrop

This must be a joke, free Bitcoins? We have heard this many time, but over the past year we have collected a good amount in Bitcoin by using this system. The old way of airdropping was a faucet, small amounts of coins deposited into your wallet countinuously. The more people you refer, the more daily amounts of coins you receive. Don’t be discouraged by the seemingly small amounts of BTC airdropping. Bitcoin is still king of crypto and who knows what the value will be in the future? For every crypto fanatic we advise to sign up and start collecting Bitcoin airdrops


Keep your cryptocurrency safe!

Now you have earned tokens, make sure you keep them safe! Educate yourself on how to protect your coins from malicious parties. If you are new to crypto have a look at our previous article about crypto hardware wallets for token storage. Don’t be negligent when it comes to online security.


Start referring your friends to referral airdrops now!

We gave you our secret recipe on how we started earning money through our website. Are you going to let this information go to waste or will you get to work? Airdrops are a low barrier entry into crypto, so you are not limited to pitch to only the select crypto enthusiast out there. Don’t be afraid to explain the concept of airdrops to the general public. If your friends think airdrops is not lucrative enough you can introduce them to the concept of crypto bounties as well!


Morten Christensen

CEO AirdropAlert



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