5 Ways Airdrops Can Improve your Cryptocurrency SEO

It’s been thirty years since the launch of the first search engine, and today, every business is trying to optimize its website for them. As you probably know, SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization, and it can help you to position your website higher in search engines such as Google.

But, did you know that airdrops can help you to improve SEO for your cryptocurrency/blockchain startup, including the SEO for your ICO, STO, or IEO. Let us show you how:

Airdrops generate traffic to your website

The best way to bring users of airdrop distribution is to direct them to a landing page on your website. In exchange for free coins you can ask people to complete online forms and surveys. This increases the number of users on your website, and gives a positive signal to search engines.

cryptocurrency SEO

Also, these users will provide you with valuable information such as contact and demographic information, which can be used for marketing and analytics improvement. Don’t forget that you can use bounties for this purpose too.

Social media shares improve your cryptocurrency SEO

Companies distributing free coins usually ask the users to fill certain social media tasks. For instance, it can be joining their Telegram channel, following them on Twitter, sharing content, watching YouTube videos, etc.

Through social media, you can reach people worldwide, and build your brand awareness and audience. The bigger the brand and the audience are, the bigger

your click-through rate will be, and consequently your visibility on search engines. Plus, did you know that YouTube is the second most-searched search engine?

Airdrops create backlinks for your website

Increasing your brand awareness means more mentions and linking from other websites. Once your cryptocurrency project becomes more visible and builds a community with airdropping, you can expect more linking to your website. And backlinks are the fuel of every successful SEO strategy and campaign.

Mentioning your brand’s name can improve your cryptocurrency SEO

The crypto community is on forums such as bitcointalk and Reddit. Engaging with your audience there means more mentions of your brand and backlinks to your website. Overall, this can do a lot for improving your cryptocurrency SEO.

community SEO
Proof of community for blockchain projects by airdrops!

One way to engage with the crypto community on such forums is offering airdrops. Who doesn’t love free coins, right? Also, on these forums, you can often find people asking questions about airdrops. Answering them will not only increase your visibility, but also improve your reputation. And, don’t forget to announce your aidrop distribution.

You can use airdrops instead of ads

We are all aware that Facebook and Google put a ban on certain ads related to cryptocurrency. This is bad, since the Facebook and Google ads help businesses with gaining exposure and link building. But, don’t get desperate there are other options, such as airdropping.

With airdrops you can spread the word without expensive ads, and at the same time, provide value to users. It’s a win-win situation.

Wrap up


Improving your crypto-related project SEO isn’t easy these days, especially after Facebook and Google put ban on ads related to cryptocurrency. As you can see in the examples above, airdrops can do a good job of helping with ranking on search engines. After all, powerful SEO can put your brand in the forefront of the market.

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