Fake Telegram channels, how did you get in them?

You open your Telegram App and find yourself in a suspicious group or channel. You don’t remember joining this channel, so how did you end up there?

Fake Telegram channels are becoming a serious problem in the crypto industry. We investigated this issue and here are the details.

Fake it till you make it

There are services where you can buy members. Yes, they buy members. It works like this:

Bots invite real users into a group. Each bot can invite a limited amount of real people. Bot leaves group.

Now you, the user, are in a group or channel you have never heard about before. And you find yourself amongst thousands of other confused users.


In this graph you can see around February 11th, approximately 20 thousand users got added to the group, and before February 27th most of those users left again. The channel retried again on March 3rd, but saw the same decline a week after.

This is not how a normal channel “grows”.

Why is this happening?

  1. Big channels provide services to promote projects. The bigger your channel, the more attractive it looks for a potential client.
  2. Channels with big followings attract new followers easier. It looks like the community is interested in the channel, so it must be good right?
  3. Hype. Create a buzz around your project by faking social followings.

What you can do to stop it!

  • Open Telegram app
  • Tap the 3 horizontal stripes in top left
  • Go to settings
  • Click on Privacy & security
  • Head to groups
  • Select my contacts – Add exceptions for who can add you.

Done! You are now safe from the fake Telegram groups.

List of legit airdrop channels

What now?

Go through your Telegram list of groups, leave & report every channel you never joined yourself. Don’t forget to let the group know you never joined it in the first place.

Let’s hope Telegram takes action against this in the future. Nobody likes a faker right?

Make sure you are in the right Airdrop Alert Telegram group, because there are a few fakes ones out there as well.

If projects buy users like this, it could be a risk for airdrops. Why give away tokens if you can build a community of people like this? That’s why it’s important to take action.



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