Why You Should Conduct a Pre-ICO Airdrop?

Did you know that ICOs have managed to raise over  $5.6 billion since 2017? And, with popularization of ICOs as a way of funding, airdrops distribution became recognizable as a powerful marketing tool.

If you’re planning a pre-ICO marketing campaign, take a look at some of the reasons why you should include airdrops as a part of it.

With airdrops you can create brand awareness without a big budget

brand awareness, airdrop marketing

Getting the word about your airdrop can bring you some serious buzz for your brand, even in the pre-ICO phase. When done correctly, the buzz generated by free coin distribution can be huge, efficient and mostly free. It’s a great way to get the word out without expensive PPC and Google ads.

Build a community in pre-ICO phase

Conducting an airdrop doesn’t just mean distributing free tokens. It’s also about getting people involved in your project. There are different ways to build a community with an airdrop. For example, people may be required to follow your project on Twitter or Facebook, or join a Telegram channel or Discord chatroom. But getting people to join your social media accounts is the first step. You have to keep them there.

Airdrop can help you to attract investors for ICO

Since airdrops can create hype around a project, it also creates a good base for luring investors. Investors are more likely to invest in a project that is already recognizable in crypto space, with a well-developed and active community.

Create trading volume on exchanges

Exchange crypto airdrops

Many exchange platforms such as Binance, KuCoin, and Huobi are airdrop-friendly. With giveaways, you can distribute your token to thousands of even more wallets. More coins lead to more exposure. Plus, when your coin gets listed on exchange its trading volume increases and more people are likely to buy it or sell it.

Airdrop can help you with search engine ranking

When done correctly, airdrop can bring traffic, backlinks and social media shares to your ICO promotion. All this will improve your position in Google and put you in front of the your target audience.


Conducting a pre-launch promotion is crucial for the success of your ICO. With airdrops, you can get the necessary attention, not only in among crypto enthusiast but to the potential investors too.

If you decide to do airdrop distribution, you should start as soon as possible, ideally in pre-ICO phase. And if you need help fill your airdrop, feel free to contact us, we don’t bite.

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