5 reasons why airdrops flop

In comparison to conferences, promotion on socials and posting info on BitcoinTalk, crypto airdrop is quite a new technique to market an ICO.

It became a thing a couple of years ago but everybody really took a chance to appreciate it after Stellar airdrop.

This airdrop was the biggest one in the history of blockchain where $125 million сollectively were given away in exchange for every participant to complete a small social task.


You had to sign up with Blockchain wallet and verify your identity, to land 103 lumens (XLM) in your pocket.

But even with this huge Stellar giveaway, airdrops are newcomers. That’s why it’s totally OK not to know how to conduct them as well as take part in them.

On the other hand, imagine, now that the ICO project has spent a small fortune on human resources to create the alpha, it would be a pity to spoil the reputation just by conducting the airdrop in a wrong way.

And we’ve seen that happen. Some good ICOs simply had no idea how to run an airdrop campaign in a trustworthy manner, thus, lost prospective leads.

Being the first platform to create the professional and regulations-friendly ecosystem for giveaways, AirdropAlert would like to raise awareness of free cryptocurrency and educate the community on where and how something might go wrong during an airdrop campaign.

And let any airdrop be as smooth as possible. Let’s go!

1. Rewards are too low



Although the high-quality airdrop campaign gives ICOs all the chances to demonstrate to people why they should fall in love with the project, most of us take part in giveaways not because we are fans but… for giveaways.

Surprise! ? We are simply not there yet because we know nothing about the token. We are there because we look for rewards.

So when an ICO project wants participants to spend their valuable time for completing social tasks and rewards them with as much as $0.10, they should make sure that at least one of two things is happening.

  • First, is the market experiencing a bullish sentiment? If so, under these circumstances, users don’t mind low rewards because they expect the token value to go up. In a bearish market however, no one would be interested.
  • Second, do projects shout out loud all over their socials a huge amount of enthusiasm about the low rewards becoming huge in the future? If so, it might become a reason good enough to participate in their airdrop!

Projects, you need to demonstrate your value! Financially, if needed. Otherwise, avid airdrop hunters simply won’t see why they should spend time for only $0.10.

Don’t be penny wise and pound foolish! Look at Blockchain-Stellar airdrop!

2. There are too many airdrop steps


“How much is enough?” as George Michael sang.

Now, talking seriously.

People are under stress already and not necessary because of some complicated airdrop some ICO is conducting.

The market is bearish, their savings go down, they need to pay for their children’s kindergarten…

So don’t add up to those stress levels and let at least your airdrop tasks be really, really, really simple.

Hopefully, there’s enough of really’s in the previous sentence to make you see our point. ?

You catch more flies with honey than with vinegar — isn’t it the truth universally acknowledged?

We’ve seen very many projects forget about the simplicity factor and ask you to…

  • join 10 social media channels,
  • create a wallet,
  • create an account on the website,
  • download the app,
  • watch a video,
  • comment on BitcoinTalk Forum,
  • and… does this list ever end, people?!

3. No clear details on token distribution


Users really love feeling foggy when taking part in giveaways. Oh, wait a second! A small change. This is actually what users hate.

Every airdrop is like a little contest. In a short time period people have to complete a certain amount of tasks, and it’s good. It’s really good.

In every contest we have to play by certain rules. We know the date, we know the location, we know the rewards we should fight for.

In the world where something wicked might come our way literally every second, a feeling of control over at least a crypto airdrop can help us cope.

So, projects, please announce when the token distribution will take place.

Do you want even more people to take part in your giveaway? Announce not only the date, but also the exact hour for the airdropped tokens distribution.

Would you join a giveaway yourself if you didn’t know when the tokens would be given? Hardly so.

With so much scam out there, trust and reputation are everything today.

Once they smell uncertainty, users most likely would think that the project is just another fraud and move on quickly — rather than figure out all these things.

4. Projects don’t demonstrate their commitment to the airdrop


Yes, it happens often.

Just because projects have no idea how to conduct an airdrop, they lose trust points. Or should we say trainspotting?

OK, kidding apart.

  • Here is a first example. Sometimes ICOs ask airdrop participants to join their Twitter but don’t ask to submit usernames.

The question people then ask themselves is this, “How are these guys going to verify my participation? Hmm, maybe they don’t want to verify my participation? Hmm, maybe, they are just another scam?”

You see now how this fast logic works? It’s really that simple.

Participants don’t know that this is the first airdrop for the company, and that the company is just unexperienced.

Participants think it’s a scam!

Should we repeat the word “participants” one more time? ?

Yes, it’s all about participants — us, normal people who have been craving to trust you. Just let us do so.

  • One more example is with wallet addresses, and this one is pretty much straightforward.

People are expecting airdrops to land in their wallets, but some projects simply forget to ask for wallet addresses.

“How are these guys going to send me tokens? Hmm, maybe they don’t want to send me tokens? Hmm, maybe, they are just another scam?”

You got the point, right?

5. There are no community managers


We’re almost done, projects, one more exercise, and you can go and conduct your first airdrop.

Close your eyes, breath in and start repeating this mantra:

I must engage with my community, I must engage with my community. If I can’t engage with my community myself,  I will have to hire a community manager to handle all of my socials. I must engage with my community… (repeat 100 times).

That’s pretty much the gist.

The logic with this part is simple, too. No admin for your Telegram channel means a lot of spam and bots that will ask participants to join other crypto communities.

Doesn’t this amount of bots hurt the reputation of your project?

It does, but, honestly, once subscribers leave the channel, they stop caring for your reputation. The project dies in their hearts and souls, so don’t let them leave. Don’t underestimate the importance of Proof of Community.

Answer subscribers’ questions, run “ask-me-anything” sessions with CEOs and STOs, post announcements about new blogs on Medium, publish interviews and claim feedback about your token.

If you’re still here…

A crypto airdrop conducted in a right way could become a really strong promotion tool for your ICO.

Just grant people with adequate rewards, make all the airdrop steps simple, be clear on the token distribution date, demonstrate your commitment to the airdrop and manage your socials properly.

We promise you, once you focus on your airdrop, the results will be immediate.

Wait, do you have any questions about how you can run a giveaway campaign in a rightly manner?

Feel free to reach out to us, because we’ve got answers and respond to all tweets ?

Have a smooth airdrop!

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