How to market an ICO in 2019

Quick – is there the ultimate recipe that will guarantee success to any ICO regardless of their product? Hardly so.

Is there a set of proven techniques the marketing department can put to good use, to help the ICO reach out to as many people as possible? Yes, there is.

AirdropAlert has analysed the steps the most successful ICOs took in 2018, to skyrocket their product to the Moon.

Combined with the emerging trends in crypto markets, these 3 killer steps made the guide on the essential parts of the marketing strategy for ICOs in 2019.

[1] Develop a “credible” UX design for your website


There is no need to say that an incomplete website could do irreparable damage to your prospective investors.

The face of your project should be useful, desirable, valuable, accessible, findable and credible according to the UX basics (User Experience).

And 2019 brings a heavy emphasis in “credible”.

Crypto markets have been experiencing the on-going regulation trend since the moment institutional investors started getting interested.  

That being said, NYSE and NASDAQ are already working on the ecosystem needed for them to enter the market.  

So while developing the website for the ICO, build your UX with the focus on institutional investors and keep in mind that they are looking for credibility.

What does credibility mean?

It means several things:

    • very clear and transparent message to the community,
    • a clean whitepaper written by several people with a heavy technical background,
    • strong advisors from the fin-tech world,
    • improved security protocols,
    • specific software to monitor potential cases of price manipulation,
  • proof of compliance with the regulations of your country.

[2] Communicate your ICO at events and conferences

On-site meetings, events and conferences are expansive but human-to-human communication might become a milestone in your project’s life.

At those events, you can find potential community managers, advisors, marketers, investors or other businessmen ready to share their experience in hosting an ICO.

This is the list of several conferences that will take place in 2019:

    • Crypto Pro Expo 2019
    • Finance Expo
  • AI in Finance Summit

Out of the manifold conferences taking place, most likely, you will be able to find the niche that is good for you.

[3] Create a strong online presence

Airdrop Alert Twitter

Airdrop Alert on Twitter

Proof of community is another important metric you might want to demonstrate to investors, to convince them your network is active.

In 2018, all of the most successful ICOs used these social media for marketing efforts: Twitter, BitcoinTalk, Reddit, Telegram, Steemit, Discord, Quora, LinkedIn, Crunchbase, AngelList. In like fashion, you can just repeat their strategy for your benefit in 2019.

If you’ve got the budget, find a YouTube influencer to advertise your ICO and get a reasonable exposure.

Also note a promotion mark of the blockchain age, crypto airdrops. What are crypto airdrops? The leading ICOs conduct them while you’re reading this blog! This marketing technique targets quality leads by increasing their number on your socials.

As a result of the airdrop, you engage with crypto enthusiasts who test your project as well as give you feedback. All you have to do is just lure them in with a few tokens. And if your tokens captivate them, celebrate! They will most likely promote your platform to their friends.

In addition to airdrops, you can always conduct a bounty, which will create an additional layer of exposure for your project.

Interested? Find out more on the AirdropAlert platform.

Get your airdrop listed with a few clicks

To sum up…

There is no guarantee that your ICO will be a success, and don’t believe anyone who gives you guarantees.

Yet, you can always copy the strategy of the most successful projects of the past to make sure that you did everything in your power.

And don’t forget to follow the upcoming trends of 2019, such as regulation changes, influx on institutional money and crypto airdrops!


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