How to Earn Runes Airdrops on Bitcoin

April 29, 2024


Are you bullish on Bitcoin Runes yet? This new phenomenon entered the crypto scene during the BTC Halving event, which is a little over a week ago. And guess what, we’re already seeing Runes Airdrops poppin’ up left and right. Have you noticed it too?

If you didn’t, don’t worry. We gotchu.

Today we’re here to discuss the Bitcoin Runes Airdrops we’ve caught and how you can qualify for them in the future. Make sure to give us a follow on X if you don’t want to miss these opportunities to earn some Runes in the future.

What are Runes?

Bitcoin Runes, spearheaded by Casey Rodarmor, the mind behind the Ordinals protocol, seeks to revolutionize token creation on the Bitcoin blockchain, making it effortless for enthusiasts of all backgrounds. Leveraging Bitcoin’s UTXO model and the OP_RETURN opcode, Runes simplifies token management, eliminating the need for complex protocols and excessive UTXO management. This innovation not only streamlines the process but also enhances Bitcoin’s efficiency in handling fungible tokens, paving the way for diverse applications from meme coins to community-driven projects, ultimately unlocking Bitcoin’s full potential.

Read our introduction guide to Runes here.

Runes Airdrops in Week #1

If you’re active in the Ordinal and Runes corner of the market, you might have received a couple of Runes Airdrops already. Better yet, some previous Ordinal Airdrops gave Runes to the people who didn’t sell their ordinal. Talk about double dippin’.

Here’s a short breakdown of the Runes Airdrops so far.


Holders of certain ordinal collections received an ordinal airdrop of RSIC METAPROTOCOL earlier in 2024. As soon as you received the ordinal, an announcement of a future Runes Airdrop was tweeted by the project.

All you had to do was “active” your RSIC ordinals and keep them in your wallet to mine “points”. The longer you did this, the bigger your RSIC Runes airdrop would be.

Some holders I personally know received 5 figures worth of the RSIC genesis Runes.

2] DOG

Similar to RSIC, this meme coin got airdropped to an ordinal collection called “Runestones”. These ordinals were also airdropped to holders of prominent ordinal collections and by simply keeping this airdrop you qualified for the $DOG airdrop.

We’re not going to lie, it’s kinda catchy to be the first dog meme coin on the daddy of all chains: Bitcoin.

Every Runestone holder received nearly 900k $DOG runes, which is worth close to 4$k USD at the time of writing.

Holders of the RuneStone ordinals will receive 2 more meme coin airdrops in the upcoming weeks. Potentially more are to come for this collection or other ordinal collections.

3] Pepe Bitcoin Matrix

Various people active in the Runes and Ordinal ecosystem received an airdrop of Pepe Bitcoin Matrix. It’s unclear what the exact criteria for this airdrop were. Some holders of the Inscriped Pepe ecosystem and the NodeMonke holders were surprised when they found this Runes Airdrop in their wallets.

4] Luminex

This platform to mint and explore Runes is teasing the early adopters with a potential airdrop. You might ask yourself, “how?”

Well, Luminex is “tracking” your activity and rewarding you with “souls”. Which makes us believe this could lead to an airdrop down the line. It’s a popular meta these days to reward users with points to airdrop for their loyalty when they release a token.

Find all the information here.

Final Thoughts

There you have it. All the Bitcoin Runes Airdrops that have happened in the very first week of their existence. It seems to pay to be a holder of ordinals these days. Owning or being active in the prominent ordinal ecosystem might farm you more Runes Airdrops down the line. We’re assuming that being active in the Runes Ecosystem or holding a couple of Runes could get you retroactive Airdrops as well. However, those aren’t confirmed yet. So don’t come at us if we are wrong about it.

If you like to get involved in Runes, you can buy and sell runes on Magic Eden and Unisat.

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