Favorite Animal PFP NFTs To Create a Pack

October 13, 2021
PFP NFTs Avatars

If you follow some NFT influencers or people in the industry, you must have come across people that have a funny-looking Animal PFP NFT. Now if you’re new to the NFT game, which one do you pick?

Or, if you want to create an animal PFP pack, which ones should you look at?

Well, after several blogs deep-diving into PFP NFTs, like Roaring Leaders. While subsequently creating several lists to help you find one you like. We got a pretty good feel of what’s hot and what’s not. So if you looking for some zoo-type animal avatars that you want to rock on your Twitter. Here’s another PFP NFT list for your convenience. I hope you like it.

Coinbase Joining NFT Party

The biggest American-based crypto exchange Coinbase is launching its NFT marketplace by the end of this year. Users will be allowed to buy, sell and create NFTs.

The stock price “COIN” of the exchange went up by 3% when the announcement came out. Showing that investors worldwide see this as a positive signal.

You can sign up for the NFT marketplace for early access when you follow this link.

Create Your Animal PFP Pack

It’s not easy to find an Animal avatar to rock on your social media, or in the metaverse. Ask yourself first, are you buying it to make money or because you like it? I suggest the second reason is better. However, you do you.

And hey, if you wait a little longer, you might catch some PFP airdrops.

Whatever reason you’re shopping around for an animal PFP, this list should help you get started.

Top 11 Animal PFP NFTs

Drum rolls, mic check, one, two, three, let’s go!

1] Lazy Lions

Let’s start with the king of the jungle. And subsequently, the biggest Roarest on Twitter. The Lazy Lions started about 2 months ago, minted at 0.05 ETH. After they entered the scene, they quickly became one of the most positive communities in the NFT space.

They made so much noise in a positive way, we even bought a Lazy Lion and changed our profile picture on Twitter to join the community. What do you think of our Lion?

We already did a deep dive into this project, which is very specific. If you’re curious for more, click the link above and get pulled into this community like Jake Paul, Arizona Ice Tea, and everyone else.

One thing that will interest our readers the most are the Roarwards. The team shares a part of the royalty revenue with the community in the form of Roarwards. Last month, the holders got paid 0.018 ETH per Lazy Lion they hodl. Not bad right? It’s the definition of earning passive income on your NFT.

Ow, and here’s a little spoiler. They are developing a play-to-earn-game. So stay tuned.

Airdrop Alert’s PFP

2] Bored Apes / Mutant Apes

You can’t create a respectable NFT list in this space without namedropping the Bored Apes Yacht Club (BAYC). And they deserve it! The first time we covered them, the floor was around 5 ETH. Nowadays, it’s over 40 ETH. Jeez, it feels like ages ago, but it was just in early July.

The Apes spot in this list has a lot of competition, the Galatic Apes, Degen Ape Acadamy on Solana or Cyberkongz didn’t make the list. Just to namedrop a few.

The Bored Apes are also a great community to be part of. The team really nurtures community building. In November this year, they are throwing a few parties in New York. Including one on a yacht, just by owning a bored ape, you’re invited. Cool right?

There’s so much to write about, it’s better to read the deep-dive here. Read it, and come back when you’re all caught up on the history.

Done? Welcome back. So since that blog, the biggest event is the Sothebys & Christies auction of Bored Apes. They sold for millions of dollars and the total sales count of the BAYC is now over $500 Million. It’s the highest-selling animal PFP by a long shot.

Bored Ape #5643

Mutant Ape Yacht Club (MAYC)

We’re going to keep this part shorter, as the BAYC part was already longer than planned. The Mutant Apes we’re airdropped to Bored Apes holders. Subsequently, 10k more of them were sold for 3 ETH at the mint. This was one of the craziest NFT airdrops in history, which we covered in this blog.

As a mutant, you’re also part of the Ape club, but you don’t get full access. There are some minor differences. However, you are invited to the parties I mentioned earlier. If you want to join the Ape family, this is a much lower entry point. As most of us won’t be able to afford a BAYC.

Mutant Ape #799

3] Bullish Llamas

Are you a bull or a bear when it comes to crypto? Well, these furry Llamas are bullish for sure. Just looking at them makes me happy.

If you own one of the 10,000 Bullish Llamas, you gain access to a Bullish Club app that will allow you to collect and herd your Llamas in one place. Future areas and perks can be unlocked by the community through roadmap activation together with charity donations.

The minting happens in 2 epochs. The first sold-out already to 1200 holders. While the second epoch to mint for the remaining 7000 Llamas starts within a few hours. You can mint yours here today for as cheap as 0.07 ETH! So if you want to add a happy animal to your collection, this is your chance to do so.

4] Cool Cats NFT

I love cats, do you? I think most people have an affection for cats and that could be a solid reason that this NFT collectible is so popular. The most obvious pick what be the Crypto Kitties. As it was one of the original NFTs launched back in 2017. But we’re living in 2021, and today we’re going with Cool Cats.

Of the 10k unique Cool Cats, each cat is given a point value from 3 to 10. The points are determined by the character traits and will be used later in contests and breeding. pretty cool utility in my opinion.

The cats were minted back in July, for 0.02 ETh but after Mike Tyson bought one plus changed his profile picture to a Cool Cat, the value of the whole project quickly surged. Which earned them a spot in our list of hot PFP NFTs a few weeks back.

And if you’re into cats, have a look at more cat PFP NFTs right here.

Cool Cat #8533

5] The Doge Pound

Who let the dogs out? Who, who, who.

Similar to apes and cats, it’s tough to pick one project for this animal PFP. But after some research and consideration, we landed on The Doge Pound for this list. Even tho they have only been around for a few months, it feels like they have been around forever. It’s an OG animal PFP avatar, that was covered in our very first list on PFP NFTs.

Like a bunch of the projects in this list, The Doge Pound starts in July at a mint price of 0.069 ETH. I guess it was like cyrpto winter during the summer this year, and we saw a shift of the money going into NFTs. It was a great time to start collecting and trading NFTs. However, don’t worry because we’re still early.

 Recently they airdropped puppies to all the holders, which created a lot of buzz and excitement. And it seems like they keep moving forward, as their roadmaps say the upcoming release is its 3D collection featuring short revolving three-dimensional doges. The clips will contain original musical content from Steve Aoki and Trey Songz. The goal is to implement music from the pair of artists that would help to further increase the value of the NFTs. Cool?

Doggy #7808

6] Sol Bears Animal PFP on Solana

If we’re establishing a group of Animal PFPs, we can’t leave out the bears. I mean, we all love Baloo from the Jungle Book, am I correct?

There are a few interesting bear projects around. For the purpose of this list, we went with a project that’s on Solana. These cute Sol Bears. They launched in September, so they are pretty young Bears, but so far they have been rising quickly.

Even tho, there is limited information available online. The discord community is quite active and they are sitting on a Twitter following of 34.5k enthusiasts.

SolBear #6881

7] Pudgy Penguins

If you follow a bit of online high-stakes poker. Then you probably have seen a couple of pudgy penguins. The Penguins infiltrated the poker community, and several pros are rocking the avatar on the poker tables, including Fedor Holz.

There is no individual founder of the adorable penguins. There’s a team of eight people who are responsible.

This animal PFP is already one of the established projects. After Serena Williams’ husband Alexis Ohanian purchased his pudgy penguin, Twitter went nuts.

Pudgy Penguin #197

8] SupDucks

What’s up Ducks? Have you seen the colorful, quirky ducks on your Twitter feed yet? I sure did.

A big part of the reason why SupDucks gained traction is the fact that each token is hand-drawn, giving it an artistic look. The SupDucks went on sale on July 16th, for 0.07 ETH. The first week the volume started pumping, and they managed to follow through with the hype. They’re definitely part of the OG group of animal PFPs, which earned them a spot in this list.

They often hit the rankings with trading volume on Opensea. So keep your eye on the ducks.

SupDuck #8119

9] Cunning Foxes

This NFT looks Foxy. And I like it.

Cunning Foxes receives incredible support from community members and top athletes. When it is built organically, with zero marketing stunts, the chances are that it will grow in the future. With celebrities and athletes flexing their fox packs as their PFP, the future looks bright.

Their website states that they are Going to end world hunger and eliminate climate change or maybe a few extra perks will be added on later dates, airdrops, raffles, merchandise, t-shirts to mention a few. So stay foxy and stay tuned.

Cunning Fox #6097

10] CrypToadz by GREMPLIN

One week ago, we first mentioned the Cryptoadz in our list of Next PFP NFTs to look out for. At the time of writing that blog, the floor price was 4.49 ETH. Today, the floor price is 7.37 ETH. Jeez, that escalated quickly.

The toads started September 8th at a mint price of 0.069ETH, and within 10 days it was top 10 in volume on Opensea. So the fact is that it has caught the eye of many NFT collectors and I’ve noticed an influx of Cryptoadz PFP across social media. And while I’m dropping facts, the project did a 100x within a month from mint.

Even though we mentioned it before, keep a close eye on this one if you’re looking to start an animal PFP collection. This is a fun pixelated NFT in my opinion.

CrypToadz #712

11] Gutter Rats

At the start of this list of animal PFP NFTs, we named the king of the jungle. It only seems fitting to end with the animal who lives in the gutter, rats.

In July this year, the Gutter Cat Gang project expanded to Gutter Rats. On September 17, Gutter Cat Gang held its a 3-day community event in Las Vegas called GutterCon. Holders of cats, rats, or species passes received more surprises like airdrops.

It’s clear that this project is riding the tail of the original Gutter Cat series. But the team is providing utility and value to the colllectible. Also, Gutter Dogs are coming, at this time It’s unclear if current holders will get it airdropped or a headstart minting. Let’s see what happens.

Gutter Rat #2398

Final Thoughts on Animal PFP NFTs

There you have it, a zoo full of animal PFP avatars. Did we nail it down? If you got this far, a word of advice, do not ape into a random avatar NFT from this list. Take your time, browse Opensea a bit and check out the different features they have. Research different price ranges, as most of this list, are on the high-end, but you can also find some buzzing cheaper projets that have a chance to explode. Or some are rising in volume and are trending on the NFT marketplace. DYOR, and stay aware of scams in the industry.

If you want to get more updates on NFT airdrops, or related news. Make sure to follow us on Twitter. And if you happen to find an NFT you like with this blog, please share our content with your friends. The more noise you. make on social media about our content, the more we will provide. It’s your chance to provide feedback to us, by letting us know you appreciated the articles we write. Sharing is caring.

Lastly, make sure to check out our latest NFT Newsflash video on Youtube by CryptoRut.


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