Biggest NFT Influencers to Follow on Twitter & Stay Ahead

2021 is the year of non-fungible tokens (NFTs). Right from January, crypto experts could sense the bullish sentiment around NFTs. The crypto market has now reached a state of frenzy. So much so that a single NFT platform recently made one billion dollars in NFT sales in just 7 days. This is partly due to the sudden popularity of Profile Picture (PFP) NFTs during this summer. 

NFTs are putting stiff and steady competition against the legacy financial system. The famous business magazine, Fortune 500 decided to make this competition the theme of their August/September 2021 issue. The NFT artist, pplpleasr has designed the cover of the “Crypto vs. Wall Street” issue.   

The Fortune 500 Magazine-NFTs Crossover

The Fortune magazine cover is a tribute to the rising popularity of crypto finance. Pplpleasr shows crypto project mascots partying with crypto influencers on a towering Alice-in-Wonderland-like portal. The portal stands tall over banks, Wall Street office buildings and the stock market bull. The magazine cover became so famous that Fortune decided to mint 256 limited edition NFTs of the cover. There were also 3 rarer NFTs for sale. Fortune has raised $1.3 million from their NFT auction.

The Crypto Influencers On Fortune’s Cover

You must be asking why the magazine cover has crypto influencers partying with the unicorn (Uniswap), the ghost (Aave), and fox (MetaMask). Are these influencers so critical and important for the crypto community? Yes, they are. It is these crypto influencers who have made the DeFi movement a success. They constantly interact with the crypto community on Twitter and other social media channels to communicate the latest news and updates.

There are 17 crypto influencers on the Fortune cover. Some of them are Santego Santos, Andrew Kang, Cobie, Ledger for Senate, Icebergy, etc. You can check out the full list of influencers and protocol mascots here.  However, they are not the only influencers out there. We have curated a list of some of the most popular NFT Influencers in the crypto community. 

NFT Influencers: A List 

Don’t forget to follow them to stay updated: 


Daniel Maegaard, also known as ‘SeedPhrase’, is a very popular NFT Influencer on Twitter. Daniel first came across cryptos in 2013 when he read an article about Bitcoin. As a self-proclaimed crypto native, he became an early adopter of blockchain technology, collecting rare NFTs, and participating in DAOs. He is also a known crypto investor and adviser with 68.1K followers on Twitter.  

Keyboard Monkey

Keyboard Monkey is an equities trader specializing in short-term trading. This NFT Influencer joined Twitter in January 2021 but already has 81K followers. You can get discounts with Keyboard Monkey’s referral links and check out the NFT collection on the official website


Artchick.eth is an NFT collector and showcases all NFTs through the Digital Art Collector website. This NFT Influencer joined Twitter in April 2018 and has 64.2K followers. 


Matty has quite a few feathers in his cap. This ‘NFT Obsessed’ person conducts a live NFT-themed show on Youtube and has featured on CBC Radio, CoinDesk, and Reuters. The NFT Influencer is the founder of Metakey, a cross-chain crypto token for the metaverse. He joined Twitter in May 2018 and has 88K followers. 


Bryce is a professional Axie Infinity trainer and a Twitter NFT Influencer with 85.5K followers. If you want to learn the Axie game, don’t miss out on his Twitch and Youtube videos. Bryce is also the co-founder of the Loot Squad Scholarship. Those people who cannot afford to buy an Axie can borrow a team of 3 Axies to kickstart their game. The scholarship is very useful for the players in developing nations who are leaving their jobs to play and earn. 


The last NFT Influencer on our list is none other than Morten Christensen, the founder of Airdrop Alert. Morten is an excellent poker player and loves to travel the world. Based out of Netherlands, he is also an established NFT collector. Besides tweeting for his 6K Twitter followers, Morten also publishes blogs from his website.    

NFT Influencers: The Source For Authentic Crypto-Related Information?

Following the NFT Influencers on Twitter will help you stay updated about the latest market trends and upcoming crypto events. But never trust them blindly. Always do your own research before accepting any financial advice from them. You can always trust Airdrop Alert for reliable news, updates & NFT airdrops. Keep following us!  

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