NFT Airdrop: The Most Exciting Ones You Should Know

From the beginning of 2021, NFTs (and their respective NFT airdrop) are single-handedly steering the growth of the crypto market. At the time of writing, the NFT market cap stands at a staggering $768 billion. There are specific characteristics inherent to NFTs that make them so successful in the crypto domain.  

NFTs are not mere collectibles sitting idle in your crypto wallets. Once you get hold of an NFT, it opens up more opportunities to diversify your investment portfolio. For example, you can participate in NFT Holder Airdrops and get more NFTs for free. In addition, there are several other ways of earning with NFTs, like Play-to-Earn games and flipping NFTs on secondary marketplaces. 

These NFT projects periodically conduct NFT airdrops for the crypto community. There are myriad reasons for doing so. First, NFT airdrops help promote a new NFT project and create awareness in the community. Second, free NFTs add more value and utility to existing NFT holders and first-time NFT adopters. Thus, NFT airdrops are booming now! Everywhere you see, some NFT project is airdropping NFTs for you.

In this article, we bring to you four of the hottest NFT airdrops in the cryptoverse that are quickly getting as popular as the Netflix tv show ‘Squid Game’. 

Future of NFT Airdrops

Before we get to the list. Let me paint a picture of where NFT airdrops could be headed.

In the beginning, things go organically. We saw this when airdrops first hit the scene, and also at the start of the ICO boom. Projects will get attention without any marketing efforts because early adopters know whats-up.

Once other projects, get a whiff of this new industry that is seemingly effortless growing, they will jump on the bandwagon. Which will lead to an overflow in supply. Out of nowhere, we went from 1 airdrop per week in early 2017, to literally hundreds per month by the end of 2017. The same evolution happened with ICOs.

Now let’s draw that line further towards NFTs today. Most projects like Bored Apes, Crypto Punks, Lazy Lions, they got massive community support and hype behind them. Pretty much without spending a penny on marketing. But as you have probably noticed with all our recent PFP content, there’s a huge wave of projects coming our way.

What that means is, that at some point, the supply outgrows the demand. And once we hit that point, projects will be fighting for your attention and ETH. We will see bigger marketing pushes and we will see NFT projects adopt airdrops to draw in a community. I expect that within a matter of months, we’ll see the 10k avatar projects allocate a % of their collection towards airdrops. When that time comes, be ready!

It starts with Holder airdrops, again, the same happened in Crypto. First airdrops were given to people that hold Bitcoin. Not too long ago we saw a Meebits airdrop for Crypto Punks holders and a Mutant Ape airdrop for Bored Ape holders. We already see more of them popping up, which we coved in a blog here. Once this doesn’t work as well anymore, we’re going to see the airdrops for engagement.

The first drops are usually the most profitable ones. Now let’s get to the current list.

Award Pool NFT Airdrop

Award Pool provides a platform for content creators and companies to engage with their fans and customers through NFT-based rewards. In addition, it facilitates the growth of communities on websites and social media channels through engagement tools. These tools involve ‘NFT amazements’ that let the community transact unique experiences, moments, expressions, collectibles, etc., with each other. Simply put, Award Pool helps in creating a branded gamification experience to reward fans/customers with NFTs.

The Award Pool NFT Airdrop is a wonderful opportunity for you to get hold of gift cards and NFTs. The winners are also eligible for other fantastic prizes from Award Pool. Follow the steps below to participate: 

  • Create an account here and register yourself for the NFT Airdrop.
  • Follow Award Pool and its founder on Twitter
  • Complete all the necessary social actions
  • Participate in Challenges and win more prizes 

CryptoTanks NFT Airdrop

CryptoTanks is a Play-to-Earn game based on the classic 8-bit graphics Battle City. The primary thematic remains the same as the 1990s version on the Nintendo and Game Boy consoles. Gamers can trip down memory lane while getting an enhanced gaming experience due to the NFT ecosystem. 

Two tokens power the CryptoTanks platform: $TANK and STARS on the Ethereum blockchain. $TANK is an exchange token through which the protocol rewards the gamers. You can get $TANK either through playing or renting your tanks. In turn, staking your $TANK will give you STARS with which you can buy in-game NFTs (gaming tanks, spares, petrol, etc.).

Participating in the CryptoTanks NFT Airdrop will give you 12,500 $TANK tokens worth approximately $1,250. A total of 250 winners will receive these free $TANK tokens. Follow the steps below to join:

  • Create an account here.
  • Follow CryptoTanks on Twitter, Discord, Telegram, Facebook, Reddit, and Medium
  • Retweet, message, comment on the platforms mentioned above to earn points
  • Sign up for their newsletter
  • Earn 5 points for each successful referral when they also complete the above steps. 

Quarashi Network NFT Airdrop

Quarashi Network is a privacy and anonymity-focused platform offering a range of solutions to its users. This includes a Multi Crypto Wallet (supporting 9K cryptos), Decentralized Exchange, and Chat Platform (no phone number/email/private data access). Moreover, Quarashi’s own VPN Browser and Launchpad will be coming soon. The Quarashi Network Utility Token ($QUA) powers the entire network. 

The Quarashi Network NFT Airdrop will offer you 100K $QUA tokens worth approximately $10K. Follow the steps below to participate:

Professor Finance NFT Airdrop

Professor Finance is a collection of 7740 programmatically generated NFTs on Solana, minted from a random combination of 200+ traits. Inspired by the top-rated Money Heist web series, this semi-gaming NFT platform conducts a minobbery (mining + robbery) every 15 days. In addition, NFT holders can participate in protocol governance, minobberies, and metaverse gaming.

You can get up to $25,000 in Robber NFTs on Solana, from participating in the Professor Finance NFT Airdrop. Follow the steps below to join:

  • Fill up their NFT Airdrop form
  • Follow it on Twitter, Facebook, Youtube, and Reddit.
  • Retweet, like, share, tag, comment, subscribe and upvote their posts on the above-mentioned social media channels.

Infinity NFT Airdrop for Opensea Traders

ANY Opensea user that has completed transactions before the 4th of October will be eligible for a share of the 10% from $NFT. The more volume traded, the higher your reward will be! Trade over 0.5 ETH on Infinity and you will be able to claim your $NFT tokens. 

It’s a clever way to attract some of the Opensea users to their new marketplace.

Find out more details here.

Beware of NFT Scams

These are just a few of the NFT airdrops available on the market, for a full list go to our NFT page.

While NFTs are a great way of earning quick money, sometimes they can lead to severe losses. Read our article on NFT scams to stay clear of such traps.

If you want to get more updates on NFT airdrops, or related news. Make sure to follow us on Twitter. And if you happen to collect a free NFT with this blog, please share our content with your friends. You know, sharing is caring. Spread the love folks.


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