Play-to-Airdrop: Gamers and Farmers Collecting Coins

April 24, 2024


Welcome back, Airdrop Farmer! Today we’re going to find out about your gaming skills for the Play-to-Airdrop meta that has been growing. As always, we will create a shortlist of the best current options you have to farm, this time by playing video games! Can you believe that?

Let’s dive in.

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Difference Between Play-to-Earn and Play-to-Airdrop

By now, you probably have heard about the Play-to-Earn mechanics out there. Games that offer you straight-up rewards for playing. This trend started with Axie Infinity, and it hasn’t left the scene at all. In a way, it’s similar to the new Play-to-Airdrop meta.

With a few key differences:

  • Airdrop Amount not Always known Upfront
  • Gamers are more Beta Testers
  • Sometimes You’re Rewarded Points which Later Translate to a Token

List of 5 Play-To-Airdrop Games

Now that you understand the minor difference, let’s jump into a few games you can farm to collect the airdrops we all love.

1] Pixelverse

Pixelverse is an enthralling quest-based battler game set in a vibrant cyberpunk pixelated universe where players engage in dynamic PvE battles, collect rare items, and continuously hone their skills through an extensive quest and narrative framework.

Explore the mysterious world of Xenon, accompanied by your trusty Bot, as you undertake challenging quests and uncover the rich lore woven into this immersive digital landscape.

Learn how to farm this one in our Airdrop listing.

2] Crypto Valley

Crypto Valleys (CV) is an on-chain pixel-art game where players develop their Valley, farm, form Adventurer parties, and embark on Expeditions, featuring a self-sustaining economy that relies on strategic gameplay instead of token emissions. Key elements include Seeds & Farming, Adventurers & The Guild, and Food & Cooking, offering diverse progression paths.

$YIELD is the native currency of Crypto Valleys, deployed on the Blast network, earned through farming and questing, and allowing purchases of Items & Equipment and Seed Packs, while also facilitating Valley Upgrades, character customization, and participation in Weekly Competitions, with xYIELD & yYIELD enhancing the economy through passive income.

More info on Airdrop Alert.

3] Challange GG

Challenge.GG is a cutting-edge gaming platform that intertwines the excitement of competitive gaming with blockchain’s innovative prowess, a realm where players can convert their passion into a professional endeavor, set in a decentralized and secure environment.

The $CHALLENGE.GG token lies at the heart of the Challenge playground ecosystem, facilitating key activities like transactions, governance, and NFT management, fostering inclusivity.

Check out all the details here.

4] Mad Metaverse

MAD Metaverse is a pioneering play-to-earn game that merges innovative gameplay with financial incentives to define Gaming 3.0, where players own and enhance in-game assets, evolving their value in a comprehensive digital ecosystem.

Supported by collaborations with top-tier industry talent, the MAD Metaverse offers a unique, evolving gaming experience where player achievements translates into economic rewards.

Join this Airdrop by clicking this link.

5] OverTrip

OverTrip is bringing a set of games starting from the ultimate skill-based Battle Royale mode, where the excitement of competition converges with stablecoin betting and the immersive integration of varied NFT collections. Developed by GGXYZ Gaming Studio and driven by the forces of Gamestarter™ & GTM by Surgence.

$TRIP will be the ecosystem token powering OverTrip’s innovative games inspired by the Meme and Degen era of WEB3. Introducing unique features like a burn mechanism and a Master Fee structure, offering diverse gameplay modes from Free Play to customizable VIP options.

All the airdrop details are on our listing page.

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Final Thoughts

There you have it. An accurate list of the Play-to-Airdrop opportunities out there right now. We hope you have a little fun out there while you’re farming. We don’t want you to feel like this is a job. Which it actually is.

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If you’re farming more airdrops, check out this Blast Airdrop Route to farm 3 airdrops in 1 go.

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