Roaring Leaders NFTs With The 1st NFT Mutual Fund to $500k in a Week

Roaring Leaders is a collection of deflationary 10,000 generative NFTs on Ethereum. The artwork for the PFPs includes ~200+ handcrafted traits. That’s quite the number of traits, right? Well, they did it to capture the spirit and energy defining the leaders of the world represented by the lions and tigers of the jungle!

Another thing that stands out is that the Roaring Leaders introduced the 1st ever NFT Mutual Fund called Leaders Fund. Surprisingly, it has grown into half a million fund, in just one week. The cool thing about it is that 3% of all secondary sales goes into the mutual fund. Which is buying blue-chip NFTs and recently added Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC), VeeFriends, MAYC, and Art Blocks into its collection. You know, the popular ones that are hard to afford for an individual.

The profits from the mutual fund are distributed among holders of the NFT. As the mutual fund is under management by an expert trader & co-founder who sits on a 700+ ETH personal portfolio. The Leaders Fund currently holds a BAYC, Veefriends, Art Blocks Chromie Squiggle, and MAYC among others. This fund enables holders to earn passive income just by holding the NFT. The fund value has already exceeded 150 ETH (~ $500,000).

Roaring Leaders Designed by Marvel’s Celebrity Artist

The collection is designed by the celebrity Marvel Artist Carlos Dattoli. He is a popular game illustrator and concept artist in the community. He’s known to have done some awesome character work with Marvel, DC, Star Wars, Power Rangers, XM Studios, Hasbro, Acme Archives among others, and is widely respected as one of the best at his craft. He has also worked for celebrities like Dimitri Vegas on the NFT project “Dino Warriors”. A true art leader!

Through his art in Roaring Leaders, he wanted to bring out the apex leaders in us in the form of lions and tigers of the jungle.

What do you think?

Strong Traders community

The project has a very strong community of 27,000+ members on its Discord who actively engage in the deployment of the Leaders Fund guided and managed by one of the co-founders Nerd_Minter. She is highly respected in the community and consistently shares trading tips with Roaring Leaders holders. The community is quite lively and engaging and they also happen to run PFP challenges, Twitter raids, and meme contests among others.

Deflationary Mechanism to Reduce the Supply of the Collection 

The team of Roaring Leaders believes that “Leaders are not born, They’re made!”. In comparison with other projects, many NFTs derive their value out of rarities and there’s a gambling aspect to what rarities you got from the NFT you minted. Roaring Leaders decided to change the game by introducing a mechanism using which NFT holders can choose to burn a Roaring Leader NFT to get an elixir NFT. Each elixir has the ability to upgrade the rarity of one trait of any Roaring Leader NFT of your choosing. This process reduces the supply of the collection and is therefore deflationary, enhancing the value for all holders. This will go live from October 13th

Assistant Airdrop is Promised October 21st

This part of the blog will interest our readers the most. So I just wanted to mention, that besides one of the most interesting utilities in terms of the Leaders Fund and the elixir, the collection will also be airdropping 1 Assistant NFT for every Roaring Leader NFT. Why? Well, because every leader needs an efficient assistant! Am I right? The assistant will be from the monkey family. 

  1. Discord–
  2. Website –
  3. Twitter – @RoaringLeaders
  4. Opensea
  5. Current Floor: 0.088 ETH

Final Thoughts

So there you have it. Another deep dive into a PFP NFT project that has recently launched. This year is proving to be the biggest year for NFTs yet. And if we look to the volume on platforms like Opensea, it doesn’t seem like it will end anytime soon.

Are you into the PFP game yet? It might be a good time to join, while we’re waiting on Twitter to add their NFT verification feature. Once that goes live, it will be GG. As most of the good ones will be scooped up by the avid PFP traders and collectors. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not trying to create FOMO here. Just keeping it real.

Do your own research before you buy anything in crypto, and I hope this blog was helpful to give you an idea of the Roaring Leaders collectible. The utilities they bring to the PFP game are groundbreaking and I’m guessing we’ll see more of this in the future.

If you want to get more updates on NFT airdrops, or related news. Make sure to follow us on Twitter. And if you happen to find an NFT you like with this blog, please share our content with your friends. You know, sharing is caring. Spread the love folks.

Make sure to check out this video on Roaring Leaders by CryptoRut.

Take care.

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