Next PFP NFTs That Could Make You Rich

Could the PFP NFT craze be the real alt season of this bull cycle? It sorta looks like that right now. Crypto Punks, Bored Apes, Lazy Lions. Several projects are going up tremendously in value, while the crypto market went sideways over the summer. Are you playing the NFT game yet? And what are the next PFP NFTs that will make new millionaires?

Over the past few months, we’ve been covering a lot of content about the NFT craze. Including content about profile picture (PFP) NFTs. Why do you think we’re covering all this content about it?

You can find part 1 and part 2 of our PFP blogs on our website.

Well, we know our community isn’t afraid to test new sectors of the crypto industry. And because our website is focused on collecting free crypto, we are well aware that our community loves to find new ways to earn crypto. Right now NFT is the hottest thing in the industry, so naturally, we have to show our readers how to earn NFTs.

Twitter NFT Verification For PFPs

The biggest news in the PFP game is that Twitter is working on verifying your PFP NFT.

You heard that right.

You will have to connect your wallet to Twitter, and sign a message to prove you are the owner of the NFT you are rocking as your PFP. Once that is verified, you will get a small Ethereum logo on your profile pic. At the same place influencers now have the blue checkmark.

This is a game-changer in the industry, and it will take digital flexing to a whole nother level. You can actually prove you own that expensive NFT. Who will buy a Crypto Punk just to show off?

Over the upcoming weeks, you will probably see more about it on your social media. For now, there is no exact release date yet. However, some Twitter developers are already showing the process of how it works in videos they post.

9 Next PFP NFTs To Add On Your Watchlist

Over the next few weeks, we’ll do a blog on the newly minted series and PFP NFTs at a lower price range. But today we have a list ready for you about the next PFP NFTs that could blow up! Are you ready?

1] Sneaky Vampire Syndicate

The Sneaky Vampire Syndicate consists of 8,888 Vampires, each having its own individual traits. The design is done by the artist who also created the Bored Apes (BAYC) images. And that’s probably why they sold out in a matter of minutes at the mint.

All Vampire holders gain access to join their kin in the MetaVerse while having access to their very own exclusive video game. 8,888 Vampires are now running wild, with their companions and much more coming soon.

They are unleashing bats somewhere in mid-October as an airdrop to holders of the original Sneaky Vampire NFT. A free mint, if you cover the gas cost.

  • Current Volume: 15.2K ETH 
  • Number of Holders: 4.8K 
  • Floor Price: 2.05 ETH 
  • Highest Sale: 69 ETH (BAT 3 of 8)

2] Galactic Apes

The Galactic Apes NFTs are pixelized apes, and were sold 9656 times in the last 7 days. The total sales volume is $21.53M. The average price of one GalacticApes NFT was $2.2k. Could this be the next PFP NFTs that blow up?

There are 10,000 unique Galatic Ape NFTs on Opensea. At mint, the cost was only 0.08 ETH + gas. So you can see their price is already rising. Are you aping in?

  • Current Volume: 7.3K ETH 
  • Number of Holders: 3.4K 
  • Floor Price: 0.9 ETH 
  • Highest Sale: 14 ETH (Galactic Ape #7805)

3] Guardians of the Metaverse

A collection of 10,000 Guardians tasked to protect the Metaverse. Each Guardian is a ERC721 token on the Ethereum blockchain.

Not only are the Guardians of the Metaverse dope-designed character collectibles, they also serve as your ticket to a world of exclusive content. From developing new collections to fill our universe to metaverse avatars, we have bundles of awesome features in the pipeline.

In October the Metaverse villains are coming, which are rumored to be airdropped to the Guardian holders, an NFT holder airdrop as we like to call it.

After selling out in a matter of minutes at mint 3 weeks ago, the floor price hasn’t moved much. That is why we believe this one should be added to your watchlist of possible next PFP NFTs that can rise in value.

  • Current Volume: 1.6K ETH 
  • Number of Holders: 4.2K 
  • Floor Price: 0.11 ETH 
  • Highest Sale: 13 ETH (Guardian #8620)

4] CrypToadz

CrypToadz are a collection 6969 small amphibious creatures trying to escape the tyrannical rule of the Evil King Gremplin. Created by Gremplin, with a small bit of help from his friends.

The NFTs are sold 1481 times in the last 7 days. With a total sales volume of $21.24M. The average price of one NFT is $14.3k. So definitely one to put on your radar for the next PFP NFTs that could make you some money.

  • Current Volume: 19.6K ETH 
  • Number of Holders: 3.1K 
  • Floor Price: 4.49 ETH 
  • Highest Sale: 69.069 ETH (CrypToadz #1519)

5] 0x Vampire Project

The 0xVampire is a collection of randomly generated NFT characters living on the Ethereum blockchain. 9,999 0xVampires are created from over 200 hand-drawn traits.

The original mint sold out in 2 minutes early September, and ever since the floor has been going up and down between 0.08 ETH and 0.2 ETH. This is one of the lowest floors in the list of next PFP NFTs that could explode. The NFTs are sold 1905 times in the last 7 days. With a total sales volume of $1.07M. The average price of one 0xVampire Project NFT is $559.

Around Halloween, they have an NFT holder airdrop scheduled. So make sure to snatch one of the 0x vampires up to be eligible for their airdrop.

  • Current Volume: 2.2K ETH 
  • Number of Holders: 4.6K 
  • Floor Price: 0.135 ETH 
  • Highest Sale: 5 ETH (0xVampire #2519)

6] Creature World NFT

Launched on Aug. 29 with a mint cost of 0.08 ETH, the Creature project quickly sold out; there are 10,000 Creatures in the Creature World NFT series. Unlike other projects with a definitive roadmap, Creature World has been quiet on its plans for the future.

Creature WorldNFTs are sold 1824 times in the last 7 days. The total sales volume for this series is $14.27M. The average price of one Creature World NFT NFT is $7.8k.

  • Current Volume: 21.1K ETH 
  • Number of Holders: 5.6K 
  • Floor Price: 2.95 ETH 
  • Highest Sale: 50 ETH (Creature #8779)

7] The CryptoDads

CryptoDads is 10,000 randomly generated & unique art pieces carefully chosen by some of the greatest dads themselves.

Each dad found themselves in the midst of a midlife crisis and fell into the dark abyss of shit coins and expensive jpegs of rocks. Some made it out with diamonds, and others never recovered.

Owning a CryptoDad grants you 100% creative and commercial rights.

  • Current Volume: 8.4K ETH 
  • Number of Holders: 7.6K 
  • Floor Price: 1.11 ETH 
  • Highest Sale: 35 ETH (OG Dad #8334)

8] The Robotos

Robotos is a collection of 10,000 algorithmically generated droid characters designed by Pablo Stanley. The cute NFTs are a gif with slightly moving animation., over a static NFT which most of this list is.

These funny droids are purchased 2271 times in the past week. With a total sales volume of $8.31M. Not bad right? The average price of one Robotos Official NFT was $3.7k.

  • Current Volume: 7.2K ETH 
  • Number of Holders: 4.9K 
  • Floor Price: 1.149 ETH 
  • Highest Sale: 15 ETH (Roboto Explosivo #4492)

9] The Peaceful Groupies

Peaceful Groupies is a collection of 10000 unique and crazy characters. These peaceful creatures will follow you on your adventures through this digital psychedelic experience called the PEACEVOID in the Metaverse.

These colorful NFTs are sold 5714 times in the last 7 days. With a total sales volume of $10.55M in their first 2 weeks. The average price of one NFT was $1.8k

  • Current Volume: 5.5K ETH 
  • Number of Holders: 3.7K 
  • Floor Price: 0.76 ETH 
  • Highest Sale: 30 ETH (Groupie #7265)

Companies Playing The PFP Game

We waited for years for companies to adopt cryptocurrency. Not only as merchants, or accept it as payments. But also to start adding crypto assets like Bitcoin to their balance sheet.

2020 Is finally the year we see this movement happening. With Tesla and Microstrategy being one of the first public companies to add BTC to their balance sheets.

And guess how long it took for companies to adopt NFTs?

Well, it’s already happening!

Believe it or not, Visa actually purchased a CryptoPunk and put it as their profile picture for a few weeks. While Sotheby’s had a Bored Ape as their PFP while they auctioned them off for hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Most recently, the Arizona Ice Tea aped into BAYC and also publicly stated they purchased a Lazy Lion.

Imagine what happens when the companies can verify their PFPs on Twitter…

Final Thoughts On The Next PFP NFTs

There you have it. The next wave of PFP NFTs which could grow to the insane prices as the Crypto Punks. Did you find any you like in this list?

It goes without saying, that this is not financial advice. If you’re looking to buy an NFT, you should choose the one you like. How the image looks, and how the community threats you. Don’t FOMO into the next hype, just because you want to make a few bucks. And as always, stay safe out there. It’s a snakepit with several scams and fake airdrops which could actually drain your wallet (learn how to hide them here).

If you want to get more updates on NFT airdrops, or related news. Make sure to follow us on Twitter. And if you happen to find an NFT you like with this blog, please share our content with your friends. You know, sharing is caring. Spread the love folks.

And also make sure to check out our latest NFT Newsflash video on Youtube by CryptoRut.

Take care.

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