PFP NFTs Are Exploding! Check Out Our 2021 Summer List

August 30, 2021

The NFT mania has been going on for quite some time now. Even when traditional cryptocurrencies saw a dip in prices, NFT sales recorded $2.5 billion in six months. However, the summer of 2021 is witnessing a new trend in the NFT space called PFP NFTs. PFP stands for ‘Profile Picture,’ and PFP NFTs are digital avatars that you can uniquely own and show off to your friends!

PFP NFTs usually constitute algorithmically generated art collectibles from a limited edition series. Therefore, each of these NFTs is unique and different from the rest of the collection. Moreover, some of them have rare attributes that make these avatars scarce and highly valuable. 

The thing about PFP NFTs is that you can make a lot of money by flipping them. So much so that one NFT holder made a 95% profit and flipped NFTs worth $600 to $56,000. There are a lot of strategies to flip NFTs and become rich overnight. One of them is to mint an NFT when the project offers the opportunity. You can also buy them at a low base price and then resell them on the secondary marketplace. 

PFP NFTs are not just about making money by flipping them. When you put up a PFP NFT as your Twitter picture, you are participating in a community of crypto enthusiasts. If you happen to hold a rare high-value NFT, you also attain higher status within the community. 

PFP NFTs are all the rage in this 2021 summer. We have curated a list of the top PFP NFTs just for you.


Let’s start with the first PFP NFT in the game, the punks. CryptoPunks are rightfully called proto-NFTs since they predated the ERC-721 standards.  This unique collection of 10,000 randomly generated characters have taken the market by storm. Mainstream companies like Visa are investing in them and auction houses like Sotheby’s and Christie’s are selling Punks for millions. In addition, Twitter is full of people who are putting up Punks to showcase their PFP NFTs. And why wouldn’t they, when you can flip them from $443 to $4.4 million

The Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC)

The Bored Apes is yet another set of 10,000 unique apes with variations of bored expressions. When they were first made available, they cost just 0.08 ETH. However, some Apes are now selling for 4,999 ETH (132K) and $1.29 million. The good thing about these PFP NFTs is that you get more free NFT’s every now and then. Last June you got a free Bored Ape Kennel Club NFT if you own BAYC. 

And last weekend, they completed the most viral NFT airdrop ever. When they airdropped mutant serums to all Bored Apes holders, which they could use to transform their Ape into a Mutant Ape. But they would still own the original ape as well. Subsequently to the airdrop, there were 10,000 new Mutant Apes to be minted which sold out within an hour for a total of $90 million. This whole story was the most insane NFT airdrop ever, which we covered it in this blog.

The Doge Pound

Doge Pound is a set of 10,000 dog-themed NFTs with unique characteristics like hats, eyewear, and clothing. You can mint one of these PFP NFTs for just 0.069 ETH. But they are selling for anything between $2,000 to $11,000 on secondary marketplaces. You are also eligible for some NFT airdrops when you hold similar dog-themed NFTs.    

On Sept 1st, they will airdrop Dog Puppies NFTs to all holders of a Doge Pound NFT. So keep an eye on that if you have one.

Pudgy Penguins

Pudgy Penguins are a unique set of 8,888 digitally animated Penguins that form a part of the Arctic Metaverse. They are pretty new to the PFP NFT scene, but they have already created ripples in the market. In just 24 hours, they sold Penguins worth $11 million. In Twitterverse, they’re engaging in a light-hearted banter against Bored Apes holders.

Axie Infinity

Axie Infinity has been in the headlines for becoming the first Ethreum-based NFT game to record $1 billion in sales. Inspired by the Pokemon game, it is a monster-battling gaming platform where you fight and win with your Axies. No wonder that the game has become incredibly famous, and people are putting up their Axie PFP NFTs on Twitter.   

It’s by far the biggest Play to Earn game of the moment, with about 1 million daily active players.


Spookies is yet another set of 8,888 unique collectibles designed as cute ghosts and immutably stored on Ethereum. Although the floor price is around $0.030, these PFP NFTs are trading for as much as $3,299.41 on secondary marketplaces. Keep an eye out on their Twitter because all Spookies holders are eligible for a Comic Airdrop!

Crypto Cannabis Club

Crypto Cannabis Club is a unique collection of 10,000 cannabis smoking digital avatars with participants to passively earn by staking. You can also transact in the cannabis plant NFTs and compete for the Crypto Cannabis Cup. These PFP NFTs have a total sales volume of $1.06 million, with the most expensive avatar selling for $15.7K. 

Last Words

The above list is far from being exhaustive. A lot more PFP NFTs are on their way! Some of them are just getting started. You can keep an eye out for upcoming PFP NFT projects on Rarity Tools. And as always, keep following Airdrop Alert for the latest trends and crypto-related news.

We recently published part 2 of this blog, including projects like Lazy Lions, Fastfood punks and more.

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