Crypto Airdrop Starter Kit

January 21, 2019

Welcome to the wonderful world of airdrops!

We performed a ritual dance of blessedness when we saw you join us in the mission of spreading tokens across as many wallets as possible.

So as a thank you, we’ll try to be helpful right at once.

Below is the list of things you will need to join crypto airdrops.

  1. Crypto Wallet
  2. Email address
  3. Social media accounts
  4. BitcoinTalk Forum Account
  5. AirdropAlert Dashboard Account

Feel the urge to learn more about blockchain, Bitcoin and Satoshi Nakamoto, first? Check out our knowledge base!

1. Crypto Wallet


  • First of all, create a blockchain wallet to receive airdropped tokens.

A blockchain wallet is like a bank account number, on blockchain. You can use a blockchain wallet to store, send or receive tokens or coins.

In comparison to regular coins, blockchain tokens or coins cannot be tossed or simply put in a pocket. They require a special place to store them.

Web wallets, hardware storage, exchange accounts, paper wallets – which one to choose for your crypto airdrop?

A web wallet is easy to use for the first time.

Most of the crypto airdrops happen on Ethereum (ETH). The mostly used wallet for ETH is MyEtherWallet.

MetaMask is also popular. More hipsterish, though?

Before you click away to go and install MyEtherWallet, note one thing.

However many blockchains you discover out there, that’s how many different coins you might get.

And all of those different coins will not always fit into one wallet.

Yes, most of the airdrops happen on Ethereum but there are other growing blockchains:

To join crypto airdrops on those networks, you might want to download their native wallets, respectively:

To learn more about wallets, check out our wallets knowledge base!

Step 1 ? Create your first Ethereum (ETH) wallet on MyEtherWallet (or choose another wallet from the list above)

2. Email address


  • Second, you will need an email address to join airdrops.

Usually, your email address will be asked for verification purposes, because some people like to cheat.

How? By creating bots that sign up for airdrops with multiple blockchain wallets.

With email verification, ICOs can count on real people joining the airdrop instead of bots.

You can use an existing email, but we advise you to create a separate email address if you are planning to join multiple airdrops.

You will probably get a lot of updates on the ICOs newsletters. By creating a separate email address, you can keep your personal and blockchain life separated.

Also, subscribe to AirdropAlert Newsletter to stay-up-to-date on airdrops!

Step 2 ? Create a separate email address

3. Social media accounts


  • Third, you will need to create social media accounts if you don’t have them already

To take part in crypto giveaways, you need to create social media accounts if you don’t have them already.

The ICOs that are airdropping tokens/coins will definitely ask you to join. Why is this important for them?

A proof of community is an important metric that might define the outcome of a certain ICO. The number of followers on social media unofficially defines the number of token users. Depending on how many people use their token, the project’s blockchain is either dead or alive.

ICOs increase their engagement rate, access their target audience and qualified leads as well as test their tokens.

Most popular social media channels used for joining airdrops are:

Make sure to oblige the Twitter terms, to avoid your Twitter account suspension.

Other social media accounts that are common in airdrops:

Less popular social media channels:

You will be asked to submit your usernames of these social media channels in the so-called airdrop forms.

Make sure to make no mistakes with filling in airdrop forms. Most common mistake is to fill in a wrong social username.

Step 3 ?  Create social media accounts on Telegram and Twitter to get started!

4. BitcoinTalk Forum Account


  • Fourth, not very often, but sometimes you will need to use your BitcoinTalk Forum account.

It’s a good practice for ICOs to publish their products on the BitcoinTalk Forum, to let people discuss it.

Sometimes you need to prove that you’ve joined the airdrop by posting a message on the Airdrop Topic on BitcoinTalk Forum.

You will be asked to post a Proof-of-Authentication, meaning, post a message with your social media username details.

The airdrop campaign manager will cross-reference the data on the airdrop form and the BitcoinTalk Forum post before approving your participation.

Usually, the post that you need to make on the forum will look like this:

#Proof of authentication
BitcoinTalk username: xxxxxxx
BitcoinTalk profile link:;u=Xxxxxxxxx
Telegram profile link: @Xxxxx
Twitter profile link: @Xxxx

BitcoinTalk is legendary. Satoshi Nakamoto created the forum, posted the first message in 2009 and was actively taking part in conversations around Bitcoin. Up until 2010.

Another upcoming forum to discuss blockchain is Altcoins Talks. Note that every other cryptocurrency other than Bitcoin is called altcoin.

Interested in Satoshi? Read our take on him in the piece dedicated to the 10th anniversary of Bitcoin!

Step 4 ?  Create your BitcoinTalk Forum Account

5. AirdropAlert Dashboard Account


  • Fifth, use the AirdropAlert dashboard to collect airdrops.

What do we all like about airdrops? The moment tokens land in our wallet for the first time is the best!

What do we dislike about airdrops? The process of filling in socials time and again might be annoying! Thus, we’ve created the AirdropAlert dashboard!

Log in, connect your socials to your profile, and protect yourself against typos in the future. The corresponding text boxes will be auto-filled in the exclusive airdrops you join.

In our dashboard, you can structure all of your crypto wallets. Find top-rated airdrops in one click. Use the built-in DDEX exchange. And if you have any questions to the support team, open a support ticket, and they will get back to you.

Hopefully, our dashboard will increase your user experience, and you will fall in love with the process of collecting airdrops.

Have you joined an airdrop before, but haven’t received anything yet? Check out our blog “Airdrops? My wallet is still empty”.

Step 5 ?  Create your AirdropAlert Dashboard Account

Airdrop Starter Kit

These are the steps you need to take, to get started with crypto airdrops:

1 ? Create your first Ethereum (ETH) wallet on MyEtherWallet

2 ? Create a separate email address

3 ? Create social media accounts on Telegram and Twitter 

4 ? Create your BitcoinTalk Forum Account

5 ? Create your AirdropAlert Dashboard Account

6 ? Join the latest airdrops! 

At first, creating all the accounts and a wallet will take some effort and time. However, once you are all set up, joining airdrops usually takes only 1 to 3 minutes of your time!

Earning free cryptocurrency was never so easy!


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