Airdrops? My wallet is still empty

You’ve completed all these forms, done the work on socials, joined a few airdrops and, yet, not received a single token in your wallet…

What happened? Do the projects not like you? Or could it be something else?

No worries, it has happened to everyone. Well, to be precise, not to those who have read this blog on a better tool to join airdrops, but please don’t sweat. You’ll be OK because in this piece we’ll also spill the beans.

Users don’t get airdrops for many reasons.

They make simple mistakes themselves, ICOs don’t want to give away their tokens and sometimes airdrops get postponed.

Now, enough of spoilers! Just get yourself a cup of tea and let the rough take the smooth.

Not to point any fingers… but yes, sometimes people make a mess



We are all humans (except when we’re not), we all make mistakes, it’s normal.

Over 1 mln participants have joined our exclusive airdrops, and when we analysed the data, the most of the mistakes turned out to be very human (except when they were not):

  • 2% of our users inserted an invalid wallet address
  • 4% inserted an invalid email address
  • 5% left social channels before airdrop distribution
  • other 5% failed human check (yikes!)
  • 28% of our users misspelled their social names
  • 56% didn’t complete the steps required

One of the most common mistakes is that…

users enter a wrong Telegram or Twitter username. That is why now we announce our exclusive airdrops using this clear step-by-step guide


With all the other airdrops, you will also spot the step-by-step guide


The other mistake is the result of basics misunderstood.

Some of the users simply place the wrong wallet addresses.

We understand that a large portion of you are beginners in crypto.

And we would like to welcome all the newcomers to this wonderful ideological space, full of people who believe in innovation and decentralisation because… 



However, being new to crypto, please read our blog about the difference between public and private keys. If you mix those boys up, you might lose the precious airdrops you collect.

For all lazy people, who do not complete all the steps… Half work doesn’t pay!

And for who-ever isn’t human, shame on you! All kidding aside, we have a few bot checks in place and if you don’t pass them, no airdrop.

Not all ICOs end up on the Moon

ICOs have been raising less and less money over the past few months 


This consequently means that not all projects are raising enough money to continue.

But how does this impact airdrops?

The projects that don’t succeed, simply have no funds to develop the token they planned to airdrop. No money -> No token -> No airdrop.

Undoubtedly, this is unfair to you!

You have gone through all the trouble of supporting the project only to end up empty handed. The good news is that we at focus on legitimate projects, to increase the chances of your success. 

Our team spends a lot of time researching projects and airdrops. It might not look this way because we only list a few ones per day, but we do prefer quality over quantity.

By the way, now we list the projects that we’ve researched but could not verify.

You can find them on our page of unverified airdrops. Check it out and you will see that we add a few comments on why every each of them is rejected.

If you still wish to join these airdrops, you can easily find them listed on our website. Yet, please, be careful if you walk down that dark ally.

ICO or Airdrop distribution can be postponed


If they postpone an ICO, it is usually for a financial reason.

The project is not raising enough money, and the team wants to try a different strategy a little bit later. Can you blame them? Either they postpone or they run out of cash….

When the airdrop distribution is postponed, even though the ICO was completed successfully, it’s a different story.

We believe the projects adjust their strategy pre-, during and post-ICO. After the ICO is done, and money is in the bank, projects usually tend to rethink their whole campaign and plan how to go on from there.

They know they needed to conduct an airdrop during their ICO, but now it doesn’t look that great to give away all those tokens. So a new plan is made.

Either they plan it strategically with an exchange listing or find a way to slowly drop the tokens in the wallets. Not fair, but with some patience you will still get the airdrops.

 They didn’t complete KYC


They have zero money 

You are more likely to take a risk if you have nothing to lose, right?

This happens with ICOs as well. During ICOs, projects are willing to cut some corners to increase the chances of success.

One of the corners they like to cut is the KYC street. Completing KYC can be expensive and increases the barrier for a user to join.

They’ve raised some money

Now, let’s say, they have got a reputation and funds to lose, and the risk / reward ratio changes.

It’s time to go back in time and see which risk can be taken away.

Asking users to complete KYC might lose them users but takes away the risk of the angry SEC on their back. So, at that point, they choose to ride the KYC horse.

How is that your problem?

It’s just that you don’t get your tokens because you have no idea you should get verified.

Today a KYC procedure is a common courtesy and considered simply good manners. So if a project does not conduct KYC, you should raise your eye brow at it in advance…  After some time just check if they added the KYC procedure to the project.

AirdropAlert solution to the problem

airdrop superman


  • With our clear step-to-step guides, we hope to reduce the errors you can make. 


  • We select the quality projects for you


  • We created a partnership with Civic, so you can KYC once for multiple airdrops! Don’t wait, you can KYC now! With Civic we don’t store your images at all, we never receive them. It is all stored on your own phone and you have control over it! Read more about it in their privacy policy.



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