Twitter account suspended. Has this happened to you?

Airdrop Alert’s Twitter account suspended. Does this sound familiar?

While Facebook is making a move into Blockchain, is Twitter moving against it?

It happened to us, we had our Twitter account suspended, without reason or warning several times. Additionally, we got several complaints of our users who experience the same.

Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey has stated that Bitcoin is the future “currency of the internet” numerous times. So why is his company enforcing strict rules against crypto fanatics?

List of legit Airdrop Twitter channels.

To summarize, Jack Dorsey’s opinion on Bitcoin: “It is born on the internet, it is developed on the internet. It belongs to the internet!”

4 Reasons why you get ”Twitter Account suspended”

1) Repeatedly posting duplicate or near-duplicate content

As a platform that promotes airdrops, we often alert our users of a promising project several times.

Why do we need to Tweet it twice?  Surprisingly, we drive a lot of additional traffic towards that same airdrop with a second tweet.

Guy Kawasaki posted a famous blog post about this recently called “How to Drive Traffic with Repeat Tweets.”  In this fantastic analytical article, Guy shows how repeating a tweet can get significant additional traffic.  Not everyone checks their feed every day right?

Twitter seems to disagree.

Post repeat tweets or repeat links and your tweets will no longer show up in search results.  You won’t even notice that this has happened until you search for your own tweets.

2) You cannot give rewards for Twitter actions

Don’t you just love rewards? We certainly do! Well Twitter does not, or so it seems…

From their Terms of service: Section 1-F, 5-C

“(Do Not) Sell or receive monetary or virtual compensation for Tweet actions, Periscope Broadcasts actions or the placement of Tweet actions on your Service, such as, but not limited to follow, retweet, like, heart, comment and reply.”

Conclusion, no rewards for Twitter tasks. In this case, that doesn’t sound good for us Airdrop hunters.

When Twitter enforces these terms stricter, we assume ICO’s will stop requirements for Twitter actions in their airdrops. We already advised several projects to remove this requirement, but they do not always implement our good-hearted advice.

Twitter please, let our users collect their beloved airdrops without getting their Twitter account suspended!

If you like, we will airdrop some tokens in your wallet Jack Dorsey. Don’t be shy, email us your wallet address 🙂

I hope Twitter read that, at least we tried…

3) Sending automated tweets or replies

Don’t use 3rd party software application or services to send automated tweets or replies, beware, you’re being monitored!

If social media is about being authentic and transparent, it leaves no room for automation, no matter how bad you want to get the message out. Twitter is much stricter than other social media’s on this topic. Since their whole USP (unique selling point) is authentic, quick & short comments on the internet.

Do you have 2 or 3 Twitter account that you use to like/retweet and comment on different topics or projects? You are risking a permanent ban!

So be careful if you are bounty hunting and are required to do several posts on the same topics.

4) Aggressively following and un-following people

This is a good one to guarantee your Twitter account suspended. I’m assuming this is the reason why most people have their Twitter account restricted. Twitter has its limitations on how many people you can follow in a day, if you go over that amount you risk a ban as a result.

In addition, if you “aggressively” unfollow people in order to follow more people, Twitter will suspend your account.

Understandably, this growth hack method is commonly used on several different platforms. The trick is to follow someone and wait for a certain % of people to follow you back. Whoever doesn’t follow you back, you unfollow them. Simple right?

Wrong! Twitter will catch that behavior and takes steps accordingly.


Airdrop Alert – The world’s first platform for crypto airdrops!

The common point for all of the above is just to be “natural.”  If you use Twitter in a real and authentic way without over-relying on 3rd party applications or tools you should be O.K.  Should you use any programs to completely automate your activities, use with caution!

Don’t risk a ban to earn crypto! A little Airdrop Alert advice to think about.

That being said, don’t forget to follow us on Twitter:


Here are a few more general Twitter rules.


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