Telegram & Twitter Usernames & AirdropAlert referral explained

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Newsletter Week 12

A common error people make when filling out an airdrop form on airdropalert, is how to correctly enter their Telegram & Twitter usernames. To obtain your free crypto airdrop, it is important to enter the information correctly. In this blog, we would like to explain how to find the usernames and enter them in the correct way. In addition, we would like to explain how the AirdropAlert referral system works.

Telegram username

The recording shown below explains how you can set your Telegram username. Use the text after the ‘@’ symbol as your Telegram username, when joining an airdrop, for example ‘emmacheyenne’ as in the video.

Find your Telegram Username, by

Twitter username

The following recording explains where your Twitter username is displayed. On your Twitter profile page, your Name and Twitter username are shown directly below your profile picture. The Twitter username is the text that comes after the ‘@’ symbol. In the case of the video, the Twitter username is ‘emmacheyenne92’

Find your Twitter username, by

Submitting your Telegram & Twitter usernames

Now that we learned our Telegram and Twitter username, let’s fill them in an airdrop form to demonstrate how it should look like.

Telegram & Twitter usernames in the Airdrop form, by

AirdropAlert referral system with Exclusive Airdrops

Frequent visitors probably noticed that some of our Exclusive Airdrops have a referral reward system included. If someone else uses your referral link to join the Exclusive Airdrop, you will receive a referral reward, in the form of additional tokens from the airdrop. After you finish applying for the airdrop, you will receive a confirmation e-mail with the referral link included. The video below demonstrates how you use the AirdropAlert dashboard, to view your referral status.

Referral Dashboard at

That was it for this blog. For daily updates on the current airdrops, join us on AirdropAlert FacebookAirdropAlert Telegram & AirdropAlert Twitter.

Free crypto airdrop at


22 Replies to “Telegram & Twitter Usernames & AirdropAlert referral explained”

    1. Hello, we are filtering them out and we no longer require the omission of the @ symbol, even if you enter your username with the @ symbol you will still receive your Airdrop.

  1. Sorry for the previous message was an error when copying the translation, I wanted to ask if they also filter the @ of telegram or is only on Twitter. Thank you

  2. I participated to almost of your airdrops with ‘@’ at the beginning of my usernames (twitter and telegram)… Is that a problem ? Moreover I referred at least 30 people each Time, it would be frustating if I didn’t receive anything.

    1. Hi Aloys, We filter out the @ signs anyway, so it does not matter if you leave them in the fields. Note that it is possible to edit your application by going to the form, unless you deleted your cookies.

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