Why experience a crypto airdrop?

January 7, 2019

This article will go a two-way street.

First, it’s a source of useful information for a marketer looking to increase engagement rate on a blockchain-related project.

And on the other hand, it would be interesting for any crypto enthusiast who wants to get a hold of free tokens.

Which one are you? Leave a comment below!

Crypto airdrop is a distribution of a cryptocurrency token or coin, usually for free, to a large number of wallet addresses.

Raise high the roof beam, marketers

Hello, Mr. Marketer. There might be several reasons to talk to your boss about conducting a crypto airdrop.

The main reason is simple.

Token giveaways as the concept bridge the gap between traditional marketing and marketing on blockchain.

Conducting a crypto airdrop you get:

  • Increase in engagement rate on social media channels
  • Access to your target audience & qualified leads
  • A/B testing of your token

Sounds interesting? Here is a quick overview of the above mentioned features.

Don’t forget to  make an airdrop marketing plan, to hit your giveaway KPI’s.

Increase in engagement rate on social media channels

Needless to say, for a blockchain project to be successful, a strong community of real people – not bots –  is extremely important.

But how can you reach out to that community?

One of our previous year’s highlights is definitely BRD Exclusive Airdrop, the bitcoin client for iOS and Android.

To claim the BRD token rewards, users had to download the app, join the project’s Telegram channel and follow the company on Twitter.

Before the airdrop they had 0-2K subscribers on their socials. Now, BRD has got more than 41K Twitter followers and almost 28K Telegram subscribers.

Access to your target audience & qualified leads

Generating hype around the project is not the only reason to do an airdrop.

Remember how top-of-the-funnel (TOFU) customers are looking for the answers to their questions?

A crypto giveaway is a great opportunity to engage buyers at the initial stages and ask them about what they look for in the product.

During the airdrop, engage in conversations with new subscribers, answer their questions politely, build trust and let them see you’re not a scam project.

A/B testing of your token

Airdrops also appear to be a highly effective tool to receive massive and immediate feedback on the product.

As they say, fail fast, learn faster.

The base of loyal customers and active users will get your token enough circulation and let you know if they don’t like something about it.

But if your token captivates them, celebrate! They will most likely promote it to their friends.

To tell you the secret, referral airdrops is one of our main revenue streams, and it was the first way we monetized AirdropAlert.com! So make sure your token is worth a shot.

Down at the crypto enthusiasts’ dinghy

How are you doing, Mr. Crypto Enthusiast? There might be several reasons for you to look into a concept of an airdrop.

The main reason is simple.

If you take part in a crypto giveaway, you get rewards in tokens, which is basically  free money.

Just for your information, in winter 2018, Stellar was giving away a total of $125,000,000 worth of lumens.

While taking part in a crypto airdrop you:

  • Reap the benefits of blockchain
  • Learn about a cool new technology
  • Have a chance to influence the future

Sounds interesting? Here is a quick overview of the above mentioned features.

Reap the benefits of blockchain

While your friends struggle with the concept of blockchain and bitcoin, you airdrop coins in your pockets and trade them on crypto exchanges against fiat money.

Ooh, ego stroker.

Plus, most crypto developers build the technology from the bottom up with the focus on security and privacy.

So, in comparison to banking systems all your private data is not getting exposed to the whole world.

Learn about a cool new technology

Blockchain, as any progressive technology, is bound to make our lives better on multiple levels.

Some companies let you exchange their tokens for goods, other ones take advantage of the mobile data on blockchain, finally, you can start your small to medium-sized business using blockchain.

This is all real and already implemented. By taking part in airdrops you’re one of the first people to find out about features like that.

Have a chance to influence the future

…development of the project.

Do you want to know the secret?

While airdropping tokens to their prospective loyal customers, the project’s developers, admins and managers are ready to listen to your complaints. (Normally, on Telegram)

Because your feedback will help them improve the product in the following iterations.

So take a chance on them and pick their brains until they create the product you personally want to lay your hands on.

Final thoughts

Crypto airdrops have it both ways, really.

It’s a strong marketing tool and the way to get a hold of free money if you’re agile enough, of course.

Do you want to try it?

Keep in mind, there are a lot of scam projects out there, and one of the possible reasons for that is not even fraud.

To conduct a successful airdrop is like to create a piece of good music. It takes experience and talent.

So, either you want to join an airdrop or conduct it for your project, find a team of professionals to assist you with that.

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