Which Pixel Art PFP NFTs Are The Next Crypto Punks?

October 20, 2021

By now, we all know the famous Crypto Punks. Basically, the first pixel art PFP NFTs, who paved the way for other PFP NFTs and more pixelized crypto art to enter the scene. Today, we’re not here to discuss why they grew so quick in popularity amongst NFT investors. But we’re here to share more options for Pixelized PFP NFTs because most of us can’t afford a Punk for 125 ETH. However, most of us are willing to place a few bets as investments, or we’re interested in trading PFPs. With the hope to find the next Crypto Punks. A new industry means new opportunities. Right?

If you’re new to the space and unsure what references I’m making or other options within the NFT industry. Have a look at our previous NFT content which is both educational and broad.

Now let’s get started with our list of pixel art avatars. Which one do you think could be the next Crypto Punk?

5 Pixel Art PFP NFTs

The projects in this list are all collectibles, most of them contain 10,000 unique pieces. All of them are traded on Opensea, where you can mint, buy & sell NFTs.

1] Crypto Punks

The most wanted PFP collectibles are the Crypto Punks. They are a unique collection of 10,000 pixelated art images with 24×24, 8-bit resolution. You’ve might have seen celebrities, like Snoop Dogg or Jay-Z flex their punk as their profile picture on Twitter.

Started in 2017, half of them were airdropped (or minted for free). Which could arguably be the biggest NFT airdrop in history. After a slow start, the NFT community started growing and with it, so did the price of these punks.

We already covered the punks in several content pieces, like our first list on PFP NFTs and the deep-dive linked at the start of this article. So for the purpose of this list, I’m going to be brief. However, I couldn’t start a list about pixel art PFP NFTs, without putting the Punks on Number 1. I mean, they started this whole trend, so it’s only fair.

Because of the high prices, and immense popularity of punks, there are dozens of alternative punks available on the market. To name a few, SolPunks, Fast Food Punks, Picasso Punks, and the list goes on and on. Actually, there are so many “alt punks” we probably cover them in a separate blog later this year.

Crypto Punk #7252

2] CrypToadz by GREMPLIN

Even though this NFT collectible started a mere 6 weeks ago, it already entered the top 20 volume of all time on Opensea. While it’s the 2nd highest volume in the category of pixel art PFP NFTs. Minted for 0.069 ETH on September 8th, the pixeled Toadz are comfortably above 4.5 ETH at the time of writing.

With this kind of volume and price action, I can conclude the CrypToadz has caught the eye of the NFT community. Avid collectors, like Beanie, are adding it to their NFT portfolios. The toads earned a spot in our popular blog on NFT animal series, and it seems like there is no stopping them anytime soon.

They recently released a game called Toad Runnerz which can only be played by CrypToadz holders. However, you can’t play as your own Toad in the game just yet.

Last week, owners of this pixeled art NFT were able to mint a Cryptoflyz NFT for free. Kinda like a holder airdrop, the only thing you had to do is cover the gas. The current floor of the CryptoFlyz is at 0.12 ETH.

CrypToadz #4606

3] ApeGang

The ApeGang is a collection of 10.000 items programmatically generated with python in 50×50 PNG enlarged to 500×500. Each NFT is unique and generated from over 149 possible traits, including hat, eyes, ears, mouth, clothes, and fur.

Like we see often, the ownership and commercial usage rights are given to the NFT collector.

The looks of the pixelized NFT are kinda a mix between the Punks and popular Bored Ape Yach Club (BAYC), which could be a reason for their rising volume and floor price.

The team is active and continuously working to create more value for the NFT owners. One of which is the upcoming game “ApeGangWars”, a battle simulation game that members have head-to-head combat with their apes until a victor has been presented. Each of the 10k apes in Ape City (Not Free City) has a gang that they must become a part of in order to participate in the wars. Stay tuned for more updates on this game.

ApeGang #7329

4] CyberKongz

If you’re a loyal reader of Airdrop Alert, you might recognize this one from our trending PFP NFTs list of a few weeks ago.

Again, a pixeled art PFP that’s riding the popularity of the BAYC and Punks, by adding a few twists to their project.

The first one, they have their own ERC-20 BANANA token. Ownership of one of the first one thousand Genesis Kongz now grants holders 10 $BANANA tokens every day for the next 10 years. With the current price of the token at $52, that adds up to $189k per year! I’m not sure if I should call this an NFT airdrop, staking or something else. Whatever it’s called, the prices of Genesis CyberKongz surged after the launch of the project’s BANANA token.

It’s a unique opportunity to earn with NFTs, that’s for sure.

The primary use for BANANA tokens is breeding. By spending 600 BANANA tokens, two Genesis Kongz can be bred to yield a BabyKong and a VX Kong.

Other things on the roadmap include an avatar for in the metaverse and a Sandbox property for CyberKongz.

CyberKongz #1746

5] CryptoDickbutts

We’ll end this list on a less serious note, however you can never discount meme-value in the PFP NFT space. If it makes you smile, something is right.

This NFT collection consists of 3 series.

As their Opensea profile states: “Escaped from Gooch Island, CryptoDickbutts are on the loose. Each CryptoDickbutt features a randomly generated set of traits, with some being rarer than others.”

The original Series 1 was capped at 52 CryptoDickbutts. Series 2 is capped at 104 CryptoDickbutts. The OG series has a current floor price of 5.8 ETH with 300 ETH traded in volume.

The third series has a total of 5200 editions ofCryptoDickbutts minted for a price of 0.052 ETH in early October. Ever since mint, the volume has been going crazy which led to a 15x profit in a matter of days for early investors.

CryptoDickbutt #4395

Final Thoughts on Pixel Art PFP NFTs

Which one of these do you think will be the next Punks?

If you enjoyed this list of crypto art, a word of advice, do not ape into a random avatar NFT from this list. Take your time, start with window shopping several NFT series just find something you. like. Research different price ranges, as some of these, are high-end,. However, you can also find some hot cheaper projects that have a chance to reach the moon. Always DYOR, and stay aware of scams in the industry.

If you want to get more updates on NFT airdrops, or related news. Make sure to follow us on Twitter. And if you happen to find an NFT you like with this blog, please share our content with your friends. The more noise you. make on social media about our content, the more we will provide. It’s your chance to provide feedback to us, by letting us know you appreciated the articles we write. Sharing is caring.

Lastly, make sure to check out our latest video on Youtube by CryptoRut, in which he deep-dives into two PFP NFT collectibles.


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