NFT Holder Airdrops: Hold NFTs to Get Free NFTs

September 29, 2021

With the rising popularity of NFTs in 2021, crypto enthusiasts are jumping on the NFT bandwagon to diversify their portfolios. A reason why NFTs have become so popular is that holding one NFT makes you eligible for more. That too, for free! Yes, you read that right! NFT Holder Airdrops is now the talk of the crypto town. 

Why do projects airdrop more NFTs to existing NFT holders? First, to build a stronger community around the project. Second, the additional NFTs add more value and utility to the existing NFTs. So without further ado, let us dive right into the top NFT Holder Airdrops.

List of 8 Current NFT Holder Airdrops

Holder airdrops mean you receive an airdrop because you hold an asset. In this case, a specific NFT. This first started in the early days of cryptocurrency. Often if you held Bitcoin or Ethereum, you would be eligible for an airdrop. Byteball, Stellar, and others airdropped to BTC holders. While Tron, OMG, and others airdropped to Ethereum holders.

Now, this trend has started in the NFT industry. It’s one of 6 ways to earn with NFTs. So study this one and find out more about the other ways here.

1] Bored Apes Airdropped Serums For Mutant Apes

Bored Apes (BAYC) holders received 10,000 vials of ‘Mutant Serum’ to convert their apes into Mutant Apes (MAYC). The project developers randomly airdropped three mutant serums: M1, M2, and M3 (Mega Mutant). When a Bored Ape ingests (burns) the serum vial, it creates a Mutant Ape.  Each serum has a different effect on the ape and can be used only once on a particular ape. Thus, all the Mutant Apes are unique and different from each other. 

Mutant Ape 799

Someone offered 269 ETH ($872K) to an Ape holder who received a free Serum and made a Mutant Ape. And that pretty much puts the craze around NFTs in perspective. However, this was not the first time the Bored Apes holders received free NFTs. On June 18, 2021, the ape holders could mint Bored Ape Kennel Club NFT dogs for free. 

2] Lazy Lions Airdropped Bungalows NFTs

Lazy Lions consists of 10.1K algorithmically generated NFTs on the Ethereum blockchain. They are giving away 10K Lazy Lions Bungalows for free to all Lazy Lions holders. Basically, one bungalow per lion. This NFT Holder Airdrop is open till 2 October 2021.  You can still mint yours for free if you had a Lazy Lion before the snapshot.

Currently, the Lazy Lion team is working on a dApp for owners to display more of their NFT collection in the bungalow. A link between NFTs you hold with the Lazy Lion Bungalow will be made on the blockchain. So you can prove that you own the NFTs you display. This NFT is created to be a perfect banner size on social media like Twitter. As you can only display one as your profile picture.  Pretty cool right?

Lazy Lion Bungalow 2891

3] CryptoPunks Airdropped Meebits

Realized in 2017, CryptoPunks inaugurated the NFT movement in the crypto domain. Since both CryptoPunks and Meebits came out from the Larva Labs, the project owners decided to do an NFT Holder Airdrop. The airdrop was a token of gratitude and a reward for the early NFT adopters. Thus, the developers ran a community grant for all the Punk holders. 

Meebit 18645

CryptoPunks holders received a total of 10,000 Meebits as part of the grant. Any Punk holder could mint Meebits for free in the first seven days after launch. The same was applicable for Autoglyph owners as well. 

4] Robotos Airdropped Robotos Genesis 

The artist Pablo Stanley designed a set of 10K droid characters that later became Robotos on Ethereum. Now, Robotos is airdropping the original hand-drawn sketches that inspired these NFTs. Following the first Robotos Genesis NFT Holder Airdrop, which was highly successful, it recently conducted a fourth airdrop. At the time of writing, Robotos Genesis already has 4.4K owners with a 3.5ETH trading volume. 

Punk Boto Soldier

5] Crypto Cannabis Club Members Mint Cannabis Plants NFTs 

The Crypto Cannabis Club is yet another set of 10K stoned avatars on Ethereum. These NFT owners get to breed cannabis NFTs and sell them on the secondary marketplace. While the avatars are known as NFTokers, the cannabis plants are called NFTokins. Each NFToker can redeem an NFTokin and earn fees from them. These cannabis NFTs come with unique attributes and characteristics that define their value.  

NFTokin 7802

6] The Visitors Airdropped NFTs 

The Visitors is a collection of 10K alien-themed NFTs residing on the Polygon chain. Their NFT Holder Airdrops consist of four items: Darn Vampires, The Gloop, King Of The Night, and Electric Dreams. At the time of writing, there were 1.6K Visitors Airdrops owners with a total trading volume of 3.8 ETH.  

Darn Vampires

7] 0xVampire Will Airdrop 0xWitcher NFTs

0xVampire is a set of 10K vampire-themed NFTs on the Ethereum chain. The project developers recently announced an NFT Holder Airdrop for the upcoming Halloween celebrations. They will airdrop free 0xWitcher NFTs to existing Vampire holders. These new NFTs will become the primary rivals of the Vampires in the metaverse. The airdrop rules are yet to be announced, so keep an eye out for the latest updates. 

0x Vampire 7307

8] Guardians Of The Metaverse Will Airdrop Free NFTs

Guardians of The Metaverse are a collection of 10K algorithmically generated 3D NFTs on the Ethereum blockchain. They are minted from a random collection of 320 attributes distributed across 12 categories. The Metaguardians are conducting an NFT Holder Airdrop where they are giving Metaverse Villains to all Guardian holders. Keep a close watch! 

Guardian 2594

Stay Safe With Your NFTs and Holder Airdrops

NFT Holder Airdrops are fun but only when you are protected from NFT scams. If you have an OpenSea account, you must have noticed that there are random NFTs airdropped into your wallet. You better be safe than sorry. There are some airdrops with dubious coding that might rob all your crypto assets. 

But don’t worry. Airdrop Alerts is there to help you. Read our article on NFT scams to know the DOs and DON’Ts before getting into NFT Holder Airdrops. Stay alert, stay safe. For more crypto news and updates, keep following Airdrop Alerts! 

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