Don’t Miss These Upcoming PFP NFTs

NFTs have taken crypto markets by storm, especially since early 2021. For instance, the enthusiasm around this particular niche called PFP NFTs has skyrocketed during this period. And as a result, enthusiasts are buying these NFTs increasingly, showcasing them as profile pictures on Twitter and other social media. 

In general, you need to follow crypto-Twitter very closely to keep up with the latest trends involving NFTs. But to do so, you need to know the rich and expanding NFT lingo by heart, as we discussed in a previous article. ‘Minting’ is one of the words that matter, and in this article, let’s learn about some of the best minting opportunities on Ethereum and Solana. 

What is NFT Minting?

NFT minting is the process of recording digital art or collectibles immutably on a distributed blockchain ledger. The data becomes fraud-resistant and tamper-proof as a result, with undisputed provenance and ownership rights. Furthermore, storing the information on a publicly auditable ledger allows for optimal transparency, unlike legacy value storage and processing systems. In other words, every NFT is genuinely unique and verifiable, with minimal scope for counterfeiting. 

Upcoming PFP NFT Minting Options On Ethereum

This section focuses on upcoming, Ethereum-based PFP NFT projects, which you can mint towards the end of October 2021. 

Pure Pineapples

Pure Pineapples is a set of 6000 ERC-721 NFTs, designed from a combination of 130+ unique attributes of hand-crafted pineapples. You can participate in this upcoming PFP NFT minting on October 22, 2021. Every user can mint a maximum of 20 NFTs, each costing 0.04 ETH. Once the mining is complete, the project will hand out a Tesla Model 3 or its equivalent in fiat or crypto. To be eligible for this giveaway, you’ll have to invite four or five people to their Discord channel, besides minting one NFT at least. 

Retrowave Deer

Retrowave Deer is a set of 7,777 randomly generated collectibles. By owning these Ethereum-based tokens, you gain access to an exclusive NFT game and merchandise. Moreover, 5% of total sales will go into increasing the floor price. This upcoming PFP NFT minting is on October 24, 2021, and it will cost you 0.05 ETH (plus gas) per NFT.   

Fishbowl Heads

Fishbowl Heads is a collection of 10,000 algorithmic ERC-721 tokens featuring a combination of 192 characteristics. Each of these NFTs has a unique bowl, cloth, environment, and fish, within a well-defined rarity system. This upcoming PFP NFT minting presale is on October 27, 2021, and will cost you around 0.036-0.042 ETH per token. The main sale is on October 30, 2021, costing 0.042 ETH apiece. 

Upcoming PFP NFT Minting Options On Solana

Having discussed Ethereum-based projects, let us now look at Solana, which has emerged as a promising name in the domain of PFP NFTs. 

Undead Sols

Undead Sols is a set of 10,000 algorithmically generated vampire-themed NFTs, designed with meticulous line work and coloring. This upcoming PFP NFT minting is going live on October 27, 2021, for a mint price of 2 SOL. Out of the total supply, 1500 of these NFTs will come into circulation through this presale. Notably, the project will create a community wallet and deposit 5% of the total sales to support future development.   

Elementals 4 Fusion

Elementals 4 Fusion is an NFT-based card game running on Solana. Each card has five levels corresponding to the five elements of nature: fire, water, earth, air, and ether. Similar to traditional card games, you can use your NFT cards to battle opponents and earn rewards. However, unlike conventional cards, these NFTs are tradeable on secondary marketplaces. This project’s upcoming PFP NFT minting is on October 29, 2021, costing 2 SOL per token. 

The Walking Chain 

The Walking Chain is a collection of 10,000 zombie-themed NFTs, associated with a rich Play-to-Earn gaming metaverse. By owning a Generation-One NFT of this kind, you gain early access to its Generation-Two NFTs. However, this depends on your NFT’s performance in the gaming ecosystem. Moreover, NFT holders will have access to an exclusive club and a future DAO. You can participate in this upcoming PFP NFT minting on October 31, 2021, for a mint price of 1.31 SOL.  

Should You Invest In PFP NFTs?

The cryptoverse is hotly debating the phenomenal success of the NFT market. While some say that NFT sales will keep rising in the coming months, others denounce it as a bubble. But when the NFT market cap stands at $767 billion, investing in PFP NFTs only seems natural. 

So, jump onto the PFP NFT bandwagon, but do exercise caution and due diligence. NFT scams are a reality — don’t invest beyond your capacity. And finally, for all the latest developments in the PFP NFT domain, keep following Airdrop Alerts. 

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