PFP NFTs Hype Grows: Here Are The Hottest Projects

September 20, 2021


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Most crypto enthusiasts are already aware that 2021 is the year of NFTs. So much so that NFT protocols alone have an astounding market cap of $31 billion. A particular NFT niche, called PFP NFTs, is responsible for creating such ripples in the market. 

We had already published an article on the explosive growth of the PFP NFTs market scenario. Although that article had an extensive list of PFP NFT protocols, we knew there were more projects in the pipeline. Thus, in this article, we bring to you eight more PFP NFT projects. So before you start flipping PFP NFTs, check out these projects!    

1] Lazy Lions

Lazy Lions are a set of 10.1K algorithmically generated PFP NFTs on the Ethereum blockchain. They are minted from a random combination of 160 traits that includes unique and rare clothes, mane, and facial expressions. These PFP NFT holders are part of an exclusive community eligible for ‘ROARwards’. A lot will be happening with Lazy Lions in the coming days: Play-to-Earn games, free NFTs, and merchandise drop. 

Last week influencer Jake Paul came in and bought 10 Lazy Lions. Not long after a few NBA players also copped a few.

  • Current Volume: 8.1K ETH 
  • Number of Holders: 4.4K 
  • Floor Price: 1.5 ETH 
  • Highest Sale: $53.1K (Lazy Lion #7384)

2] 0N1 Force

0N1 Force constitutes 7,777 PFP NFTs depicting side-profile characters with a random combination from 100 hand-drawn features. There are three different categories of characters in the Ethereal Enclave: Ghost Spirit (Common-68%), Monster (Uncommon-27%), and Demon (Rare-5%).

The famous American DJ, Steve Aoki, bought a 0N1 Force PFP NFT for $301K on August 25.  

  • Current Volume: 41.0K ETH 
  • Number of Holders: 4.2K 
  • Floor Price: 1.92 ETH 
  • Highest Sale: $624K (K4M-1 #03) 

3] Mad Banana Union

Mad Bananas includes 6,969 randomly generated PFP NFTs on the Ethereum blockchain. The Bananas have a unique combination of eyes, mouths, hats, etc. Holding a Mad Banana gives you access to free merchandise, giveaways, and a chess tournament with exclusive prizes. Banana holders can earn 2.5% royalties from selling their NFTs on the secondary marketplace. 

  • Current Volume: 278 ETH 
  • Number of Holders: 2.1K 
  • Floor Price: 0.02 ETH 
  • Highest Sale: $46.5K (Mad Banana #1320)

4] Fast Food Punks

Fast Food Punks is a collection of 1K hand-drawn PFP NFTs. The developers of the project wanted to make a parody of CryptoPunks. Thus, they took inspiration from CryptoPunks and the Bear Market Fast Food meme to curate this boutique collection of PFP NFTs. Fast Food Punks recently raised $574K for the Ronald McDonald House Charity. 

  • Current Volume: 3.7K ETH 
  • Number of Holders: 501
  • Floor Price: 1.35 ETH 
  • Highest Sale: $65.6K (Fast Food Punks #438)

5] Degenerate Ape Academy

Degenerate Ape Academy is a set of 10K algorithmically generated apes. The apes have a random combination of 137 traits, ranked from common to mythic, in terms of rarity. These PFP NFT apes are ‘degenerate’ in the sense that they exhibit disgusting behavior. The owners of the NFTs are entitled to 4.2% royalties from secondary sales. This is one of the first successful PFP NFT series on Solana.

  • Current Volume: 876.1K SOL 
  • Number of Holders: 1.3K
  • Floor Price: 5.00 SOL 
  • Highest Sale: $1.1 million (Degenerate Ape #7225)

6] The Visitors NFT

The Visitors consist of 10K autogenerated collectibles on the Polygon Network. The artist, Mike Mitchell, has hand-drawn these PFP NFTs with 300+ features. The NFT holders will get exclusive copyright access, and be eligible for airdrops. You can also recycle your old Visitors for new ones, thereby making them rarer.  

  • Current Volume: 142 ETH 
  • Number of Holders: 1.9K
  • Floor Price: 0.08 ETH 
  • Highest Sale: NA

7] Cool Cats NFT

Cool Cats are a set of 10K algorithmically generated PFP NFTs on the Ethereum blockchain. These Cats are minted from a random collection of 300K features like outfits and faces. Each Cat is assigned a point between 3-10, depending on the features. Your points will determine your access to contests, raffles, and breeding Generation 2 Cats.

  • Current Volume: 34.5K ETH  
  • Number of Holders: 4.5K
  • Floor Price: 6.95 ETH 
  • Highest Sale: $347K (Cool Cats #3330)

8] Top Dog Beach Club  

Top Dog is a collection of 8K PFP NFTs on the Ethereum blockchain. Each dog is unique and programmatically generated from a random collection of 150 properties. The NFT holders will have access to free merchandise, $40,000 in community grants, and membership perks. You can find more dog NFT’s in our latest blog.

  • Current Volume: 1.4K ETH
  • Number of Holders: 2.7K
  • Floor Price: 0.27 ETH
  • Highest Sale: $38.7K (Golden Boy)

A Word of Caution

We want you to participate in this PFP NFT craze, but with caution. So before you jump on the bandwagon by creating your Opensea account and splashing your ETH around, we want you to read our article on NFT scams. That way, you will know how to spot scams and avoid them. Airdrop Alerts always got you covered. Keep following us for all crypto-related news and NFT airdrops.

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NFT NewsFlash

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