9 Wallets You Need to Collect Free Airdrops & Bounties

Let me guess: You’re new to cryptocurrency and want to earn money, right?

You came to the right place.

Crypto airdrops are free coins giveaways that you can claim by completing a couple of easy tasks. But to get started, you’re going to need a few crypto wallets!

If you’re a more experienced airdrop hunter, you might have noticed this: airdrops aren’t only on Ethereum. Now you can find them on other blockchain platforms as well. Therefore, you better start creating different airdrop wallets to collect all coins in 2019.

Here’s a list of the wallets you’ll need for upcoming airdrops.

Wallets you need to collect crypto airdrops

On our home page, you can see 3 different platforms that are used for airdrops. In the image below you can see that you need to have an ETH, XLM, and NEO wallet to collect all free token airdrops. Let’s talk about them.

1. Ethereum – Most popular and used blockchain platform for airdrops

The most popular tokens to give away are the ERC-20 tokens on Ethereum. So, it might be a good idea to create an ether wallet for instant airdrops.

There are several secure ether wallets that are suitable to collect airdrops. Today, we’ll discuss two of them. After you set up 1 of the ether wallets, make sure to add the public key in your airdrop dashboard. This way you can easily track the ethereum and airdropped tokens you are collecting.

I ) My Ether Wallet (MEW)

This web wallet is arguably the most popular amongst airdrop hunters. You can easily navigate and control transactions and add custom tokens. If you’re a beginner when it comes to airdrop wallets, don’t worry. We’ve created a guide (with explanatory videos) on how to create and use an airdrop wallet.

II) MetaMask

This ethereum wallet is a plugin for your browser. It supports several web browsers including Chrome, FireFox and Brave.

It’s convenient to use because it’s integrated withDDEX exchange in the Airdrop Alert dashboard. This means that if you hold tokens on your Metamask wallet, you can trade it straight from your Airdrop Alert account.

Perfect for an airdrop wallet don’t you agree? Here’s a tutorial blog on setting it up.

Once you picked your airdrop wallet, have a look at our featured airdrops which are usually built on the Ethereum blockchain.

airdrop list

2. NEO – For NEP-5 Airdrops

In 2019, we’ve noticed a rise of NEO-based airdrops. With projects like Novem Gold, a gold-backed stablecoin, Ontology, and airdropping on the NEO blockchain, we can say that it’s time to create a NEO wallet.

To help you with that, we’ve found NEO tracker wallet, which is an easy-to-use web wallet for NEO that supports NEP-5 airdrops. We’ve created a guide with a video that explains the use of the NEO blockchain and how to set up a secure wallet. Don’t forget to check it out.

Once you have the wallet ready you can join the Novem Gold airdrop to collect your first free NEP-5 tokens.

3. Stellar – Wallet for one of the biggest airdrops ever

The Stellar airdrop of $125 million is still open for registrations. Due to a partnership with Blockchain.com, the two parties decided to do a large XLM airdrop. To claim the airdrop you’ll need to set up a Blockchain wallet.

However, we can’t confirm that the Blockchain wallet will support Stellar-based tokens. This means that you need a Stellar wallet. We picked a couple of them for you.


StellarPort is a web wallet for XLM and Stellar-based tokens (or assets). If you want to collect airdrops based on the Stellar blockchain, have a look at this beginner guide on how to set up the Stellar wallet for airdrops.

After you created a Stellar wallet you can collect the CCUniverse airdrop.

4. TRON – Airdrops are coming!

We recently had a call with a team member from Tron, who notified us that Tron will conduct more airdrops in 2019. Cool, right?

Why would they call us?

Because we’re one the best airdrops websites of course 😉

All kidding aside, you probably noticed the BitTorrent airdrop. This monthly BTT token airdrop will continue till 2025. And that is a great reason to set up a wallet for Tron airdrops.

We’ve created a blog post on how set up a web wallet called Tronscan.org. Don’t worry, it’s easy.

Once you have set up the Tron wallet, make sure to check out how you can get your hands on free BTT tokens.

5. EOS – Airdrops on the rise

At least 260 projects are being built on the EOS platform. Could that lead to a rise of EOS-based airdrops?

We would rather be safe than sorry when it comes to earning crypto with airdrops and bounties. So, to be safe, we would rather have a wallet set up before the storm of EOS airdrops begins.

We’ve written a step-by-step tutorial with images on how to safely create an EOS wallet on Freewallet.org.

Once you have your private keys safely stored and your EOS airdrop wallet ready, have a look at theCoinDeal airdrop and collect some free EOS based tokens.

6. Waves – Constant flow of airdopped coins

The Waves tokens are called Custom Application Tokens (CATs). These tokens are quite easy to create, and therefore, many projects are willing to use the Waves platform for their technology, like we currently see with MultiChain.Ventures.

How do they create awareness?

You guessed it! They do it with airdrops.

On the Waves platform, you’ll probably see regular airdrops landing in your wallet, without you lifting a finger.

We created an easy guide to help you set up your Waves wallet and start collecting airdrops!

Wait, there are more Airdrop wallet options!

For the avid airdrop & bounty hunters, there are more interesting options available.

7. Atomic Wallet – With free crypto airdrop

The Atomic Wallet is a new technology that enables us to exchange cryptocurrencies directly and without third parties.

The new Atomic Swap Wallet offers a multi-asset, custody-free wallet with the Atomic Swap exchange, and a decentralized order book.

The wallet supports a whole list of altcoins and you can even collect free coins by simply installing the airdrop wallet.

8. Magnum Wallet – Where you find airdrops inside

Magnum Wallet is a light and anonymous web wallet for managing Bitcoin and 1000+ different assets.

But, what makes Magnum special, is the option to claim airdrops and bounties on the wallet itself!

As you can see in the image, you can earn cryptocurrency by simply using Magnum.

The airdrops you can claim are often hard fork’s of the past.

Did you hold BTC at the time of the Bitcoin Cash hard fork? Then you can still claim your BCH with this wallet. Load the BTC in your wallet and claim the airdrop. That’s the case with several of the airdrops in this wallet.

In addition, you can earn crypto by staking your coins or completing bounties.

9. Hardware wallets to store your coins safely

Last, but certainly not least, you can use hardware wallets to receive airdrops. Companies like Ledger and Trezor are able to connect with several web wallets like My Ether Wallet.

This way you can collect the airdrops without a worry.

You don’t want to lose your private keys and get your coins stolen, do you?

Final thoughts


Are you ready to start collecting free crypto coins?

I hope you are. Once you’re done with setting up all these wallets you can start claiming the crypto giveaways. Today, the most used blockchain for free tokens is still Ethereum. So if you’re new to crypto and just want to learn how to use it, I suggest you start with the wallets from the first section of the blog post.

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