How can I create an EOS wallet?

Welcome, new fellow cryptonians!

Are you looking for an EOS wallet to start transacting tokens in the easiest possible way?

Read this guide thoroughly to avoid any mistakes in the process of transacting EOS!

1. Access the website and click “Sign up”


Click this EOS Freewallet link to access their website.

2. Don’t have time? Register with Facebook!


3. Create a 4-digit PIN code


4. Click the “Add wallets” button


5. Click the “+” button to add the EOS wallet


6. Note a small change in the left column. You’ve got the new wallet!


7. Receive tokensEOSwallet7

This part might be a bit tricky for a first-timer.

To receive the airdropped tokens, click on “Receive” and grab a hold of your contact details. You might need them to submit into the airdrop form.

Use “freewalletin” as your deposit address and don’t forget to include the generated memo. It will look somewhat like this, 2773347309229710.

Memo is important! Whoever doesn’t include it, doesn’t receive their tokens!

8. Send tokens


We are still waiting for our EOS airdrop to lend in our pockets and have to use FWN just as an example.

But you will have EOS displayed as soon as you get the tokens. Click “continue” to proceed to the wallet address of your recipient!

Final thoughts

While using EOS Freewallet, remember that you use a third-party service.

You’ve got the account with the middleman, not with EOS, and that’s how you need that memo. It helps the Freewallet team differentiate between multiple users’ accounts.

As a consequence,  you can be locked out sometimes from sending or converting from a specific coin for days or even weeks.

Still, EOS Freewallet is the easiest option out there, and if you use it on your mobile phone, it will protect you with the  additional set of security features.

For one,  2FA ensures that you need to enter a code on your phone in order to login.

And second, if you choose multi-signature logins, you will need to confirm the access on two different devices.

Are you ready to try an advanced option for more experienced users? Go for Trust or Bitpie!


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