, can I sell airdropped tokens on your platform? YES!

So, you’ve airdropped a decent amount of ERC-20 tokens to your wallet, and we, at, are very proud to be involved. But what’s next? Where and how can you sell your tokens?

Don’t worry, we did everything for you to get rid of the pain in the neck. Now you can trade your funds right on our platform! No more FUD or DYOR. Get your little LAMBO right now. 


Wait a minute, you beautiful weirdos are saying you’ve built your own exchange?!

We didn’t. We took DDEX and injected it under our skin.

Why can’t I go to DDEX, then, and simply use their functionality?

You totally can! We love DDEX!

It’s just that we want our platform to become a place where all airdrop lovers could have everything they need at hand. Isn’t that convenient?

Sold! But why DDEX? Aren’t there any other cool decentralized exchanges out there?

OK, you got us. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

There are other solutions, of course. Like EtherDelta.

But, with DDEX, it’s a little bit personal.

We’ve just loved the fact that they use the latest technologies, such as Ox and Hydro.

Because of that hybrid model users are able to have much faster and safer transactions than with Idex or EtherDelta.

Stop showing off, would you? Do you even understand what “Ox” and “Hydro” stand for?

Hydro is a new generation blockchain that enables trading ERC-20s directly between buyers and sellers – kaboom!

Because there’s no need to push every transaction to the parent chain, the network is faster. Because there’s no single failure point, the transactions are safer.

Ox allows users to broadcast only value transfers to the blockchain. Say, you place an order to be filled by another user.

The transaction is run through the network only when a trade is executed, allowing you to reduce the gas fees.

5 quick facts about DDEX

  1. No need to register for a DDEX account
  2. No uncertainty of deposit/withdrawal lockup periods
  3. No withdrawal fees
  4. No single point of failure
  5. MetaMask or Ledger needed

Let’s sell on DDEX!



Say, they’ve airdropped a little bit of BrahmaOS tokens (BRM) to your MetaMask Wallet. What’s next?



Go to, log in and click on Exchange. Let MetaMask and the dApp connect with each other. It will take you 10 seconds.

=> wait, connect with each other?  Read more about it in our guide on MetaMask


As soon as you’re done, the right top corner of the dApp will look like this.



Now, click on TRADE SELECT MARKET and, then, on the ticker of your token

tickers' pairs

Now, you must be wondering, what’s the hell all this WETH? Put simply, it’s Ether wrapped into an ERC-20 token standard. We know! It’s crazy that Ethereum does not adhere to the ERC-20 standard natively.

But life is life. Only wrapping ETH allows you to buy ERC-20 tokens from DDEX. 

For now, just follow this guide simply to sell you tokens. And don’t you worry about a thing, wrapping and unwrapping takes seconds. You can read more about it in this blog


Once you click on the ticker, you will see the number of tokens you own, plus, the maximum price for one token, based on the order book.



But we don’t want to buy more tokens. We want to sell them. So, switch to the “sell mode” by clicking on “sell”. Note how the maximum price changes.



Wait, we can do better than 0.00005021.

The price we’ve underlined on the pic down below looks good. The question is, will somebody buy from us for this price, considering it’s almost twice as much than the green numbers? OK. Let’s see if being greedy pays off.

(You, of course, can set your own price manually)

But we like that other guy’s price, and we will only need to click on it, to place the order!



In the “buy-sell” box the right number will pop up automatically. Yay. Hit “sell” to proceed to a new window.



Now, let’s push the green button to let DDEX access your MetaMask account.



The foxy MetaMask will get scared before placing that much BRM tokens to the exchange. So, confirm once again.



We’re verifying the transfer



Still doing it



Press “sell”, and your order will appear down below in the Orders box. As soon as somebody buys from you, your WETH will be immediately transferred to your wallet.


And in the meanwhile hold on for dear life.



While we’re praying to all the gods for our pretty much unrealistic order to be completely or, at least, partially filled, let’s see how we can “unwrap” our WETH and turn it into ETH.

Click “Balances” and then the red button.


As for us, we have nothing to unwrap, because – remember? – we HODL and want somebody to buy from us for 0.00007899.



But you, you are smarter than that and haven’t set a very high price for an unpopular asset, have you? Thus, you’ve probably already got some WETH. Just input your balance, hit “unwrap” and reap the benefits of taking part in airdrops because ETH will land in your MetaMask right after.

The above references an opinion and is for information purposes only. It is not intended to be investment advice. Seek a duly licensed professional for investment advice


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