Price update: Technical analysis on NEO, Nep-5 token Novem Gold airdrop

July 29, 2019

AirdropAlert’s new exclusive airdrop is Novem Gold. Mario Schober, owner, and director of NVM, has years of expertise in international metals. For thousands of years, gold has been the critical store of value for individuals and nations alike. But to trade with it, you want to validate the amount stored and the possession. Novem Gold is set to transform the precious metal industry through the use of innovative blockchain technology. By creating an immutable, secure, and distributed ledger of ownership, it provides surety for gold buyers, refiners, traders, and investors. It’s the age-old store of richness. The founder of NVM talked to us, and he convinced us the team is getting closer to overcoming its last regulatory obstacle. On the contrary, co-founder and CEO of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg said during a recent conference call that the company would address all of the concerns of the regulators. “And then figure out the best way to move forward.”

NEO/USD and NEO/BTC markets.

We find that every rally, after bouncing from the uptrend line has made a higher high (shown as rectangles on the chart). It’s is a good sign. Therefore, the traders can buy on a near above $13.72 and keep a stop loss of $9.30. Even though, as the tendency is weak and the rallies are not sustaining, we are currently following our own trades with profits of around 30 to 40% profit, don’t be greedy and follow the market.

However, comparing NEO to BTC is bringing more confidence for an upcoming price recovery as we can see more movement concerning the break of the trend line. We can analyze the current fall of the cryptocurrency prices as an indicator to buy back again before it rises. Sharp falls in the short-term can occasionally provide a low-risk buying opportunity.

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A product that serves as a combination of blockchain and Gold the NVM token is quite “worth the shot.” It is the first gold-backed token launched on NEO Gold is the Cryptocurrencies in the seven days that are past.

While looking at this chart we can guess or better say plot the next decision. The short-term trend is down. That shows a sharp fall within a short period. Looking at this chart we can see the support line falling, together with the trend line it looks that this coin it feels oversold. Since beginning the recovery in mid-December of last year 2018, the set has found support in the uptrend line (marked as ellipse on the graph). Consequently, it will become a significant level to watch out on the downside. If bears sink the purchase price under this service, a fall to the yearly low is possible. Brad Garlinghouse, CEO of Ripple, is afraid of the regulation of Libra Coin, since this brings cryptocurrency to such attention of internest in the governments. Hence, we have noticed a shortage of buyers in the past few days.

Head over to NEO for more information on the blockchain, or check out the blogs we’ve covered on NEO, the Chinese ethereum.


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