5 Problems with Airdrops (and pro tips against them)

March 20, 2019
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The crypto airdrop industry is still very young and we can see there are still several problems with Airdrops and Bounties today. As the world’s first airdrop platform, we feel responsible to help this industry move forward.

We’re actively studying our data and monitoring our support system to see which problems projects and users are running into.

Here’s a list of common problems you may find:

[1] Where is my airdrop?


You’ve joined several new airdrops but you have yet to receive any of them. Why are you not receiving any tokens in your wallet?

Trust me, you’re not the only one. Here is a list of reasons why you are failing to receive the crypto giveaways:

  1. User error – You didn’t fill in all the data correct
  2. Project failed to raise money – ICO’s that don’t raise money often quit
  3. ICO or airdrop distribution is postponed – Tokens might come late
  4. KYC – You are required to complete KYC, but you forgot about it

How can you make sure you do receive your airdrops? Check out our previously written blog on this topic which dives deeper into the common problems with airdrops.

[2] Unverified projects


At Airdrop Alert we avoid listing unverified projects. The chances of receiving tokens from these projects is significantly lower. Additionally, the increased odds of problems with these airdrops are notably higher. Therefor we choose to list them under the tab “unverified airdrops”, so our users are able to see which projects did not fit our listing policy and more important the reason why.

How can you avoid unverified or scam projects? Read our blog on 4 Tips to avoid ICO scams.

[3] Fake Telegram groups


You might find yourself in Telegram groups you never joined. Often this group or channel is some airdrop promoter you never heard of.

There are several fake groups promoting airdrops and charging clients money for it. Clients who pay through these groups, are often disappointed with the results and blame it on the airdrop industry, while the real problem is the groups who buy members.

Curious how this happens? Read all about these fake telegram groups and how you can avoid being added in them.

[4] Not all social media’s support airdrops


From Twitter’s Terms of service Section 1-F, 5-C

“(Do Not) Sell or receive monetary or virtual compensation for Tweet actions, Periscope Broadcasts actions or the placement of Tweet actions on your Service, such as, but not limited to follow, retweet, like, heart, comment and reply.

Not all social media companies support free giveaways. We’ve had numerous reports of our users who had their Twitter, Facebook, Reddit or Bitcointalk suspended without getting a warning of breaking any policies.

How to protect your social accounts from suspension? We dove deeper into the Twitter policy and noted 4 tips to avoid suspension.

[5] The airdrop is a flop



You might believe every project that conducts an airdrop receives an instant response from the blockchain community. Let me tell you the truth, that’s not the case at all!

Honestly, many airdrops flop, for several different reasons. And once the project sees their hopes of a large community is failing, they might cancel the whole airdrop all together.

Why do they fail? Here’s a few reasons:

  1. Airdrop reward too low
  2. Too many requirements
  3. Unclear details on token distribution
  4. No commitments from team
  5. Where are the community managers?

How do you spot projects with low chances of success? Read more about 5 common reasons why airdrops flop to see what the problem is with these airdrops.

Help us solve the problems with Airdrops


Earn cryptocurrency with AirdropAlert

At Airdrop Alert we try to help our users receive as many airdrops as possible.

With our:

  • Clear step-by-step airdrop guides
  • Verified airdrops
  • Updates on the project and airdrop status

We try to counter the most common problems with airdrops.

If you have any thoughts or idea’s on how we can provide a better airdrop experience for you. Feel free to create a ticket in your airdrop dashboard. Our support team loves to hear your thoughts on this!


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