List of Free Crypto Airdrops of August to look out for

August 15, 2019


Did you join all the hot airdrops of July 2019? If you did, good job! Many of the free airdrops are distributed after fundraising of ICO is completed, so in a while, you’ll start noticing the tokens airdropped in your wallet.

The crypto market has been going up and down for the past few weeks, but there are signs a bull market is around the corner. Or maybe we’re already at the start of the bull?

Time will only tell if we’re on an important turning point in cryptocurrency. But while we wait to see what happens, let’s collect some free token airdrops!

1. Global Currency Unit Free airdrop

This Airdrop is worth up to 25,000 GCUs (~$ 1,500) for the first 10,000 supporters. The next 90,000 airdrop hunters will receive 5,000 GCU  (~$ 300) each, and the last 900,000 early adapters will receive 1,000 GCU  (~$ 60) each.  

That means this giveaway is aiming to reach 1 million airdrop participants!

Join the GCU airdrop today!

2. Novem Gold Exclusive airdrop

You might have noticed this crypto airdrop as one of the hottest drops of July. Over 10,000 people already claimed their free NVM tokens, did you?

If you haven’t yet, don’t worry there is still time.

Claim your NVM tokens with Airdrop Alert.

Novem is focussed on changing the way Gold works by using the blockchain technology to create a stablecoin. Their IEO started July 15th and is currently open.

If you struggle to get the free NEP-5 tokens on the NEO blockchain, watch the video below.

3. RHOVIT a NEM free airdrop

One of the first airdrops on the NEM blockchain is worthy to mention.

RHOVIT is a virtual and cryptocurrency backed entertainment platform featuring short-form video and articles. By claiming the free airdrop you collect 40 Rbits which are worth approximately $10. You can even earn more money by referring your friends.

Try the NEM based airdrop today, or watch the tutorial below.

4. CIVIC referral airdrop

The Civic Referral Campaign is worth up to 25,000 CVC tokens. In order to get free rewards, you need to join the waitlist and invite friends. The higher you rank, the more CVC tokens you will receive. The prizes are:

  • The big referrers ranked 1 – 500, will each receive 25,000 CVC tokens.
  • The motivated referrers ranked 501 – 5,000 will each receive 5,000 CVC tokens.
  • The happy referrers ranked 5,001 – 25,000 will each receive 1,000 CVC tokens.
  • The friendly referrers ranked 25,001 – 100,000 will receive 500 CVC tokens. 

    If more than 75,000 referrers exist in this prize tier, then only 75,000 referrers will be chosen at random by a manner to be decided in Civic’s sole discretion. 

We’re already ranked in the top 10, can you beat us?

Join the referral airdrop and win tokens that are already on CoinMarketCap.

Looking to earn more crypto from home?

Joining free airdrops is a great way to get started to make money online with cryptocurrency. However, there are several ways you can create extra income right from home.

Besides collecting the ERC-20 token freebies, there are several tricks you can use to increase your airdrop income. Be smart on how you spend your time and you’ll be able to create a steady money stream with airdrops & bounties.


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