How to Turn Airdrops into Effective Marketing Tools

July 26, 2019

The cryptocurrency space has become overcrowded with startups and projects. Consequently, raising awareness of your project is a challenge. To create some hype, you can use different marketing tools. Some of them are effective, and some of them aren’t.

Here at AirdropAlert we have two years of experience successfully promoting crypto/blockchain projects with one simple tool. Which one?


But, what exactly is an airdrop? Simply put, it’s a distribution of free coins or tokens to a large number of crypto wallets. Can airdrops really be an effective marketing tool? Yes, they can. So far, our team has promoted over 2500 airdrops, and we saw what they can do.

First of all, airdrops are a huge funnel for attracting huge numbers of people, which is especially hard at the beginning of your project. So, if you want to turn airdrops into an effective marketing tool and increase their conversion, here are some tips to help you with that.

Track the metrics to improve conversion

Pay attention to metrics such as how long are users looking at your airdrop. If they leave in less than three minutes, you’re doing something wrong. Also, check the metrics to see where your users are clicking. Do they click on the right buttons related to your airdrops? If they don’t, maybe you should reorganize the buttons.

Community management is KEY

In the crypto space, the community is a foundation of any project. While airdrops can attract people to your project and create awareness, your job doesn’t end with that. Don’t forget to give your community regular updates about airdrops.

Engage with the members and keep them interested. Show them that you care and they will continue to promote it over a longer period of time.

Find the right timing

In marketing, timing is everything. If you find the right time when your users are most active, you’ll make your job easier. How? Well, you can be prepared for the airdrop distribution on time and make your campaign more effective.

So, when you find the most active time for your users, establish a schedule for you and your team and start planning your next airdrop campaign.

Do A/B testing

With A/B tests you don’t have to guess. You can clearly see what works and what doesn’t. So, try out different landing pages, track user’s behavior, see whether or not your emails get open, check out the bounce rate of your blog posts.

For A/B testing you can use behavior tools such as Hotjar or CrazyEgg. Then, according to the analysis from the tools, make changes where necessary.

Final words on turning airdrops into a marketing tool

We strongly believe that airdrops are here to stay. When done right, they can be an effective marketing tool for raising awareness of a project.

Here at AirdopAlert we have managed over 50 airdrop campaigns, promoted over 2500, and reviewed over 4000 airdrops. If you need advising and guidance for your airdrop distribution, feel free to reach out to

We look forward to hearing about your project.

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