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Are you ready for your next step in your journey of making money with airdrops? As usual, we have the right tools for you. Become an airdrops affiliate marketer and earn ETH or BTC by referring clients to Airdrop Alert.

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What is affiliate marketing?

Affiliate marketing is similar to referral programs. You simply refer business clients to our crypto airdrop listing page, and once an ICO or IEO pays for their listing, you get a cut.

However, unlike the referral airdrops you’re familiar with, our affiliate program pays you in Ether or Bitcoin.

A total of 5% of our sales price (excluding VAT or taxes) will be dedicated to your dashboard account. Once you have € 20 in your account, you’ll be able to request a withdraw and we’ll send you the crypto you rightfully earned.

Trezor and Ledger wallet have programs similar to ours, which turned out to be solid revenue streams for Airdrop Alert.

How to become the best airdrops affiliate marketer

conversions airdrops

Referring to businesses is different from asking your friends to join free airdrops. Projects will ask you some tough questions on why they should purchase a service you’re offering. Here are a few tips to close that sale and start earning crypto:

1. Growing communities

Crypto airdrops grow communities, and Airdrop Alert is the largest platform for crypto freebies. Giveaways are a great way to growthhack communities and create brand awareness for the projects.

Make sure to get that point across!

2. Social media explosion

When launching a new airdrop, you can expect the social media’s of the ICO to rapidly grow. Make sure they capitalize on the sudden surge in users bu having content and social media plan ready.

3. SEO through backlinks and traffic

A good airdrop affiliate finds other benefits that are interesting for the ICO’s.

As advertising options are limited for fundraising crypto projects, SEO strategy becomes more important.

One of the key benefits of airdrops is the amount of traffic generated to the website. And a chain of backlinks the airdrop hunters will provide, while they refer their friends.

4. Where to promote my crypto airdrops?

With so many airdrop aggregators out there, where do you even start?

Airdrop Alert is the first and biggest platform for giveaways with over 2 million users to date. With our brand name, partners and community reach we’re the perfect launching pad for any blockchain start-up.

We promote airdrops across our platform and several partner sites like Airdropster and BountiesAlert. The ICO gets exposure to tens of thousands of users in a matter of days.

Become an airdrops affiliate today and start earning crypto!

Join our program today with a few quick steps.

  1. Log into your Airdrop Dashboard account
  2. Go to Profile
  3. Share your personal affiliate link
  4. Find your earnings at Referrals

Airdrop Alert’s affiliate Pro Tips:

1. Promote your referral link on BitcoinTalk

The BitcoinTalk forum is a place where many ICO’s promote their new airdrops. Make sure to share your unique referral link and explain why the airdrop should be listed on AirdropAlert.com

2. Direct contact with projects

Don’t be afraid to contact the team members directly. Linkedin profiles are often public or easy to find.

Or you can even contact admins of a Telegram group and share your link to start earning crypto.

3. Create content

If you’re a talented writer with SEO skills it will be smart to create content that ranks high in google. Nothing is easier then organically earn btc after you have written and SEO optimized your blog.

4. Video marketing

On Youtube you don’t find many people that market airdrops. Be one of the first to create content on this subject, share your unique referral link and wait for the views and earnings!

5. Email approaches

A cold email still works! Don’t be shy and just send projects an email explaining why they should purchase one of our high traffic packages. If you have something good to sell, you’ll close some sales in no time.

6. Don’t spam

You can be persuasive , but don’t spam. In general, people don’t like aggressive sales techniques. Don’t sent 5 chat messages for a sale in one day. Be patient, and spread your contact points over several days.

In addition, if you need any promotional material, feel free to contact us. We’ll be happy to supply you with banners, pitch decks or images.


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