Coinbase users claim your BSV Airdrop!

February 14, 2019


Following our recent Coinbase blog about their enormous $30,000 bug bounty, we are pleased to bring you more exciting news from the largest US-based cryptocurrency exchange.

Well here it comes! Finally you can withdraw bitcoin Satoshi vision (BSV) – the cryptocurrency created in a hard fork of the bitcoin cash blockchain on Nov. 15.

Bitcoin Satoshi vision (BSV) recap

On that day, bitcoin cash was scheduled to implement upgrades to its blockchain. As it’s scheduled to do every half year, but disagreements led developers and miners to adopt two completely incompatible versions of the software: bitcoin cash ABC (BCH) and BSV.  Also known as a hard fork.

Coinbase users who held bitcoin cash in their accounts at the time of the fork were given BSV coins at a 1:1 ratio.

Coinbase update

Today Coinbase users received some exiting news. Their BSV airdrop is now in their wallet!

Since Coinbase does not support BSV trading, users will need to transfer their BSV coins balance to their wallets if they wish to trade it for another cryptocurrency. Funny enough, their Chinese competitor Binance does support BSV trading!

If you are a Coinbase user, you received the following message per email:

“Coinbase does not support purchases or sales of BSV, so you cannot sell your BSV for fiat currency on Coinbase. You may send your BSV balance to an external wallet following instructions here.”

At the time of writing, BSV is trading across exchanges at an average price of $63.22.


Airdrop Alert never miss crypto airdrops again!

I personally remember the scaling debate of 2017 as it was yesterday. 8 Or 32 MB blocks, everyone was worried about the scalability of our precious Bitcoin’s

While everyone was debating about the Segwit 2x hardfork, a new Hard fork was done by Bitcoin Cash. Not many people took it serious at the time, but it has become one of the top coins of today.

Now we have seen Bitcoin Cash split into 3 desperate coins, so what’s next?


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