Crypto news feed – which of these 3 do you like best?

February 16, 2019


There are several news sites available, like Coindesk, Coincentral & Cointelegraph. However, will you read all these sites to get you up to speed?

There is a solution for this, in fact we have the answer here for you. We compared several, to help you find your favorite crypto news feed.

3 Crypto news feeds you should know about

  1. Coinspectator
  2. Berminal
  3. RSS crypto

1) Coinspectator

Coinspectator offers various options, which include the following:

  • News updates
  • Community sentiment
  • News filters
  • Coin prices
  • ICO updates
  • User interaction

For the most part we enjoy the clean interface. Thereby it is easy to read and use, which is exactly what is needed for a crypto news feed. Additionally, the options to up/down-vote are great to track community sentiment on the latest crypto news.

Click on a news article to see more information pop up on the right side. To read more, click on the button at bottom to go to the full article.

Furthermore, the ICO page is something that really stands out. Anything you need to quickly find your ICO is available, like Filters, dates & resources.

Heard enough?

Check out Coinspectator for your crypto news feed.

2) Berminal

We all remember Berminal from their airdrop rounds, don’t we? Coupled with the airdrops, Berminal created several partnerships to promote their crypto news feed. Including, a partnership with Airdrop Alert to display airdrops in their feed.

In comparison to the above, this is what Berminal has to offer:

  • News updates
  • Airdrops
  • Coin prices
  • User interaction
  • App

Similarly to Coinspectator, Berminal interface looks clean and sharp. Additionally we can see the airdrops get decent interaction. What better way to stay up to date on Airdrops & news?

Also, don’t forget to claim your Berminal Airdrop!

3) RSS Crypto

Last, but certainly not least, we arrive at RSS crypto.

Different from the others, RSS crypto offers multiple languages and more:

  • News updates
  • Airdrops
  • ICO news
  • French news
  • Spanish news
  • Reddit feed
  • Twitter feed
  • Crypto Video feed

In comparison to the others, RSS Crypto has less options. However they have multiple languages and social sources to click through.

Above all what we instantly noticed was the amount of news we haven’t read yet. Usually that is a good indication of what I need to catch up on.

To summarize, if you like airdrops, multi languages and clean interface. Head over to RSS crypto news feed.

Airdrop Alert

Airdrop Alert never miss crypto airdrops again!

Look we understand. Ordinarily it’s though to stay up to date in this industry. It’s even difficult to track the amount of airdrops. Not to mention all the other news!

Hopefully with these feeds, you will have an easier life trying to stay in the loop of what is happening. Each day can bring something new, and you want to be ready to respond, right?


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