Binance Dex launch next week – Update

Binance  launches a testnet version of its new decentralized exchange, the Binance Dex on 20 February. According to CEO Changpeng Zhao on Twitter.

Hopefully they will promote the launch with an airdrop event, as they are familiar with airdrop promotions already. Secretly we suspect they are behind the recent Bittorent airdrop for Tron holders. Or possibly they advised Justin Sun, Founder & CEO of Tron.

Incidentally, Binance is one of the top exchanges for Airdrop hunters, so time for an update!

Binance Dex update

The aim of Binance DEX is to offer cryptocurrency investors a decentralized basis for trading tokens. In addition, they want to remove the liability and safety obstacles that are linked to traditional, centralized platforms.

The testnet release is accessible to everyone and Zhao asks for feedback from users in the tweet.

So, will you give him some?

The date follows earlier announcements with more information about the Binance DEX. The exchange will support wallets with cryptocurrency hardware. Zhao stated earlier, that this feature will allow users to trade while maintaining control over their private keys.

What does it mean for me?


Airdrop Alert never miss crypto airdrops again!


Speculatively, we want to say there will be more airdrops! More listing events on exchanges. As a result, this leads to more trading volume competition. Thus, this leads to more airdrops to attract users!

Still with me?

We will be sure to reach out to Binance to get a glimpse of their plans. In the meanwhile, we have recently added some juicy new airdrops you can claim!


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