Are you new to crypto?

Are you new to cryptocurrency or Blockchain in general? Do you have friends asking you “how do I get airdrops?”

Good news!

We have collected all the info you need to get started in our knowledge base.

The Knowledge base consists of articles written in a simple, yet explanatory language and targets beginners who only start learning about crypto.

What can you find in the Knowledge Base?

  • Basic info such as ‘’What is Bitcoin?’’ & ‘’What is KYC?’’
  • How to join airdrops
  • How to create crypto Wallets
  • Your first Bitcoin & Ethereum transactions
  • How to do Cryptocurreny Mining
  • And more!

In addition to the list of concepts mentioned above, in our knowledge base you will also find pieces on many more topics!

For example, on cryptocurrency regulations on KYC and STO as well as a couple of pieces on how to generate free coins by lending your tokens out or installing a masternode.

Plus, sometimes we write about adventures of our AirdropAlert team in Europe!


Do you already know about most of the basic stuff?

And you are interested in trading?

Then skip the basic info and check out the exclusive info from SignalAlert where you will learn all about the latest trends in the market.

Wait, I know someone who might use your knowledge base!


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