2018: AirdropAlert’s year of big surprises!

It’s been 1.5 years since AirdropAlert.com started listing airdrops. So in terms of human life the company is of course a toddler. Yet, this toddler is feisty. For the past 12 months, we’ve achieved many things we’re proud of!

AirdropAlert.com stats 2018

1,6 mln unique users

 63 Clients

27 Partners

90 Publications

In this recap of 2018 article, we will cover the following topics:


Most popular airdrops

We’ve listed your favourite airdrops


One of the previous year’s highlight is definitely BRD Exclusive Airdrop.

By the time the BRD team was airdropping, there had already been a few interesting things about them.

They had a working product – something that we don’t see very often. And it was the mobile app that you could test and later give them valuable feedback on it. 

Plus, their token had been listed on Coinmarketcap, and you could trade it.

What do you think about it? Our subscribers loved it!


Stellar Airdrop with its total of $125,000,000 worth of lumens 

Being an effective marketing tool, the concept of airdrop was born to spread the word about certain projects. In the case of Stellar airdrop, users had to sign up for a Blockchain wallet and verify their identities. Our statistics prove many people took part in that airdrop.

New face of AirdropAlert

We’ve improved your user experience


We’ve started in a very humble way with one online page where we’ve listed all of the airdrops popping up. Very soon, though, manifold projects we’ve listed turned out to be the reason for our page to slow down.

“Now, what?” we asked ourselves and started working towards a full-fledged website.

We’ve had our ups and downs along the way, and, yes, it’s been a long-time endeavour. But now, we’re very proud to say that our new frontend is live, and we will keep on improving it in the next year!

So, what changed in 2018 as for our website?

  • You’ve got a clearer overview of airdrops on the home page, and the overview pages like New Airdrops
  • If you are logged in, you can up- and downvote the airdrops straight from the overview pages.
  • Do you want to share your favourite airdrops with your friends? You can do it in just 2 clicks!
  • Want to say something? Upvote and comment on each airdrop and engage in a conversation.
  • Last but not least, we’re also proud of our knowledge base!


AirdropAlert dashboard

We’ve built you a home and called it “your dashboard”


In parallel to the work on the new frontend, the solid team of developers had been working for quite some time on the concept of the personalised dashboard for our users.

The initial goal was to make your sail across the sea of crypto giveaways nice and easy, whether you’re an experienced airdrop hunter or not. 

With the new dashboard, as an airdrop hunter, you’ve got a lot of nice features right at hand. To give you an idea, with the dashboard you obtain several features right at once.

  • Your own custom account,
  • The page with your wallets structured in an order,
  • Plus, all top-rated airdrops are only one click away from you,
  • And, of course, you get DDEX where you can trade all of your airdropped tokens


Exclusive airdrops

We’ve distributed exclusive airdrops you’ve joined


We take care about airdrops you join. Every exclusive one we gently pull out of the ocean of other airdrops, place onto a satin pillow and start polishing up for you to get your “package” in the best possible condition. 

A lot of exclusive airdrop tokens were distributed in 2018. You can always follow them on the distribution schedule page. 

If you didn’t get your tokens, you can check out the blog on the reasons why you don’t receive the airdrops.


Due diligence

We’ve improved our due diligence on crypto airdrops


The AirdropAlert.com team celebrates every time you land coins in your pockets, and we’ve been working very hard on the concept of a safe giveaway during all this year. 

Our team spends a lot of time doing due diligence and looking for new ways to verify legitimate airdrops. We’ve recently teamed up with ICOEthics

We’ve always kept a list of airdrops that don’t get verified. We’ve decided to publish this list, which yo can find on the page with the unverified airdrops. Now you can decide for yourself if you trust the airdrop!


Airdrops in 2019

What we expect to happen in the coming year

With the crypto markets, you can never predict which direction they will take. But we can distinguish several trends that might make a difference in the near future.

When a whale like Blockchain.com is conducting a $125-mln-worth airdrop to verify their users’ identities or a project based on the concept of security tokens gets listed as one of the biggest ICOs since 2016, we can put our money on this. Regulations on crypto will have a say in what the blockchain landscape will look like tomorrow.

But being such a proactive community you, of course, already know it.

Hopefully, you will stay with us next year to investigate the STO concept, take part in exclusive airdrops and trade airdropped tokens on the integrated DDEX exchange on your AirdropAlert dashboard!

Keep in touch!

With love,

AirdropAlert Team


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