What Are the Best Books for Cryptocurrency Investors?

The blockchain-cryptocurrency domain is more than a decade old, but unfortunately, there’s little knowledge among ordinary people. A study shows that 38% of Britishers don’t understand cryptos at all. The primary reason for that is the abstract and technical language often associated with this industry. Sometimes, investors and traders shy away from it because they think they don’t or won’t understand much. And so we see the market being easily manipulated by people like Elon Musk.

But like all problems, this information gap also has a solution; crypto books, available in varying degrees of readability and maturity. Some are for general readers, while others are for crypto-enthusiasts who already understand the basics. In this article, we’ll be talking about some of the best books that are must-reads for the crypto community.  

The Top Crypto Books in the Market

We enlist some of the best-selling crypto books in this section for you to get started. 

The Internet of Money: Vol. 1 & 2 (Andreas M. Antonopoulos)

Antonopoulos is a world-renowned author, speaker, educator, and crypto-blockchain expert. The two volumes are a compilation of some of the best lectures he has delivered globally. His talks, rooted in the everyday experience of financial transactions, explain the philosophical, political, and economic ramifications of bitcoin’s technology. It instantly became one of the first crypto books that helped explain the abstract and complex aspects to general readers. 

The first book was so successful that a second volume was in order. It built on the first, getting deeper and answering previously unacknowledged questions. The second volume contains a bonus list of questions and answers collected from his talks. The book was first launched on the Joe Rogan Experience podcast and has already been viewed over half a million times. 

The Mental Game Of Trading: A System for Solving Problems with Greed, Fear, Anger, Confidence, and Discipline (Jared Tendler)

This book by Tendler is an excellent guide for crypto traders to master their techniques and improve any shortcomings. Traders most often suffer losses not rooted in technical skills but the mishandling of emotions. As the title already reveals, trading mistakes are primarily rooted in greed, overconfidence, or lack of discipline. 

Tendler’s book offers a step-by-step guide to identify, address, and resolve your trading problems. To prove this is not some vague talk, Tendler has provided authentic stories of crypto traders from around the world. These traders thought they had a grasp over their emotions but eventually lost control and suffered losses. The work has benefitted hundreds of institutional and independent traders in improving their performance and multiplying profits. 

Jared offers a lot of free worksheet and content on his website. From his book, you can download the first chapter for free. But he also offers worksheets for free that you can download, while you work on your mental problems. Recently he launched a free e-book: “Leverage your intuition”. Which explains how you can use your intuition to your advantage. Check it out here.

The Bitcoin Standard: The Decentralized Alternative to Central Banking (Saifedean Ammous)

Ammous’s book places the Bitcoin phenomenon in the larger scheme of things: the evolution of the concept of money. It seeks to solve the mystery or the problem that has bothered all civilizations, which is an efficient way of storing and transferring value. This historical analysis provides the context for Bitcoin’s success and the likely repercussions in world politics and social relations.

Ammous’s work, published by Wiley, is perhaps one of the best crypto books to embrace the market. Although written by a Ph.D. holder, the writing is accessible for everyone. It begins right from the bartering of seashells to explain the concept of sound money and how it eroded with government monopolies. The book is a fascinating work that shows how bitcoin can give sovereignty back to the people.   

The Cryptocurrency Investing Bible (Alan T. Norman)

When Alan T. Norman published the book in 2017, the crypto world was going through a strange turn of events. Almost 80% of the year’s ICOs were scams, but simultaneously, bitcoin’s price soared to $20,000. There was a dire need for an authoritative voice on the crypto scene in this flux of events. Norman’s Bible became one of those rare crypto books that gave investors a fair idea about the industry. 

The book was a trustworthy guide for everyone. Even if you had $500 in your pocket, Norman provided a feasible solution. He charted the terrain for early entrants to earn the first $3000-$10,000 with a small investment. Most importantly, he wasn’t opaque about it, telling the readers about risks, failures, and pump-and-dump schemes.

The Need to Educate Yourself

A lot is happening in this domain, which can indeed be overwhelming. At times, investors, especially amateurs, get lost in the hype and get drawn to pump-and-dump schemes. Additionally, to succeed, you can’t ignore technicalities altogether.

Education is of paramount importance, and there are resources for amateurs, intermediaries, and experts. From how blockchains work to making proper investment-related decisions, books can be of great help. Furthermore, investors don’t have to rely totally on managers, which is crucial. To these ends, Airdrop Alert is a platform dedicated to bringing you the right resources at the right time. Keep following us for crypto guides and domain updates; keep learning, keep growing.  

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