2018 ICOs and Airdrops That Are Still Alive Today

Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs) exploded in 2018 when 789 ICOs raised $20,074,423,238 in a single year. Compared to 2017, the domain grew by 222% at least. However, unfortunately, 80% of ICOs at the time were scams. Nevertheless, many projects were genuine as well.

Last week we had a look at past alt coins, that are no longer around. This time around we’re looking at projects that started in 2018 and are still developing and moving forward today. Let’s discuss some of them in this article. 

The ICOs that Persevered

Ceek (CEEK)

Ceek is a DeFi platform for the entertainment industry, enabling millions of creators to monetize their content. In addition, holders of the BEP20-based CEEK token can participate in virtual events and performances. Initially, though, the token was based on Ethereum but was then migrated to the Binance Smart Chain for lower transaction fees. 

In 2018, Ceek raised $17,344,575 by selling 500,000,000 tokens through an ICO. Since then, the platform has grown steadily and now has a market cap of $2,051,710.62. The platform also airdropped 225,000 tokens that year, in collaboration with Airdrop Alert and Earn.com. The airdrop was open to the first 50,000 participants, who had to complete certain tasks to become eligible.   

Last week they launched another airdrop campaign, which was full within a matter of days!

Basic Attention Token (BAT)

BAT is an ERC-20 utility token for a blockchain-based digital advertising ecosystem. This token is used to reward users, advertisers, and ad creators via the privacy-protected Brave browser.

The project launched in March 2017, following a very successful ICO selling one billion tokens in record time. By August 2018, BAT’s total market cap was already $172 million. Presently, the project has 12 million wallets and 30 million monthly active users with a market cap of $776,880,951.59.   

BAT has already airdropped 30 tokens worth approximately $4.2 for all its participants. Users can also earn an additional $5 in BAT tokens for every successful referral.  Our blog on earning BAT got over 50,000 reads over time.

Experty (EXY)

Experty is an Ethereum-based platform for digital knowledge consultation services. Knowledge providers can monetize their expertise on a particular subject by sharing advice with their clients through paid calls. Educators receive P2P payments, depending on the length and depth of the conversation. 

Experty raised $9,470,000 through its ICO in 2018, where a total of 100,000,000 tokens were on sale. Presently, EXY has a total market cap of $1,468,500.14. Additionally, the platform distributed 103 tokens through its first airdrop. In its 7th season, it airdropped 50,000 EXY tokens that were worth around $1,300. Participants had to complete some easy tasks to be eligible for the airdrop.    

Project Shivom (OMX)

Shivom is an Ethereum-powered genomics platform for the storage, analysis, and marketing of genetic data. It helps people to securely upload and own their DNA data, having the autonomy to share or monetize them in the future. In turn, this enables them to sell the data to pharmaceutical companies for research purposes ethically.  

Project Shivom had a successful ICO in 2018, raising $35,000,000 by selling 3,000,000,000 tokens. It now has a market cap of $703,965. It also airdropped OMX tokens worth $9 with an additional $3 for each successful referral. More than 50,000 participants joined the event in five days, and the deadline was extended to accommodate more people. 

WePower (WPR)

WePower is an Ethereum-based platform that allows industrial and corporate companies to procure cheap, green energy from local producers. The WPR is a utility token that acts as a store of value and provides priority access to energy auctions.  

It held the largest ICO in the blockchain-powered energy sector, raising $40 million from just 22,933 investors. It now has a total market cap of $5,474,245. In 2018, WePower airdropped 200 WPR tokens through its Youtube bounty program. Participants had to subscribe, like, and fill the bounty form to be eligible for the airdrop. 

SolveCare (SOLVE)

SolveCare is an Ethereum-powered platform for the seamless coordination of care, payment, and management of stakeholders in the healthcare industry. SOLVE is a utility token used for platform-based transactions, including network fees, administration charges, doctor’s payments, etc.   

SolveCare raised $20,000,000 through an ICO in 2018, where a total of 1,000,000,000 tokens were on sale. Currently, the project has a market cap of $18,675,771. In the same year, it airdropped 100 tokens, besides offering 20 tokens for each referral. However, these were available for withdrawal a year later, in 2019. By then, the token’s value had appreciated by 250%, and the airdrop was worth $25, at least. 

To conclude, let us reiterate that each of these projects has performed airdrops in the past. In all probability, they will do so again. Airdrop Alert is dedicated to bringing you the latest updates on these matters. So follow us, and never miss out on airdrops.

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