One KYC for all airdrops

October 30, 2018

Is it possible to KYC once to receive multiple airdrops? Now it is! KYC with and you’re white labelled for all our future exclusive airdrops.

Civic as our KYC partner

We are proud to announce our partnership with Civic, one of the leading KYC platforms in the blockchain industry. After their partnerships with 0x, Brave, Tokenmarket & many more, we are now one of their partners to present Civic KYC to our users.

Why would I KYC for an airdrop?

Did you ever sign up for an airdrop and before distribution they asked you to complete KYC?

Did you ever join a TG channel and it seemed to be filled with bots?

By implementing KYC on we solve both these problems. Once you complete your KYC with Civic, you are now white labelled for our exclusive airdrops that require KYC. It will be difficult for airdrop bots to take a selfie with their passports, so we can solve two issues with one solution.

Is that all?

No, at we believe KYC will play a vital role with upcoming regulations and mass adoption. We want to prepare ourselves and our users for this, and that’s why we have been looking for a key KYC partner for the past months.

But I already completed KYC with Civic before…

Great! Just scan the QR code on our KYC page, and you should automatically be approved for our KYC as well! That’s the great thing of using a big partner in the blockchain space. If you are already in the Civic database, it should be a very quick scan to be KYC approved on our platform as well.

What happens with my data?

Civic only stores information on your mobile device, protected by biometrics and encrypted. At no point in the process do they ever share your personal information with their partners without your consent? In this case, we only receive your information only when you initiate the KYC process and approve via the Civic App.

Additionally, Civic is committed to their member’s privacy. They will never sell or otherwise monetize data relating to your browsing activity or usage of its services.

For more detail, please see their FAQ or Civic’s Privacy Policy.

Ok I got it, where do I KYC for airdrops?

Visit our Airdrop KYC page and take a few minutes to complete KYC. Download the Civic app and go through the steps. After completion you will receive an email from AirdropAlert confirming the successful KYC process. You can check your KYC status in your airdrop dashboard profile as well.

Looking for an Exclusive Airdrop with KYC approved users?

If you are a blockchain startup and you are sick of all the airdrop bots joining your channel, why not apply for our exclusive airdrops that will now have KYC approved participants?

Request an Exclusive airdrop by to get a bot free airdrop and be ready for future regulations!



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