5 reasons you miss crypto airdrops and one tool to change that

October 4, 2018

Whether you’re an experienced airdrop hunter or not, our new personalized dashboard will help you sail across the sea of crypto giveaways. Go play with the alpha version: create a custom account, slide through exclusive airdrops, check out the referrals option, add a wallet and open a ticket if you spot a problem with an airdrop we’ve listed.

We believe, our dashboard will come in handy for everybody. How? We’ve grown together with you and know exactly how it feels like to be a beginner and a proficient airdrop pursuer.

Seriously, we do know. We’ve got statistics. For example, 30% of you have simply misspelt your social names in our airdrop forms. Isn’t it funny? Not so much when you’re about to lose your airdrop claim. So if you want to hear more about annoying deal-breakers we tried to address with our new dashboard, read on.

You don’t have a custom account

What do we all love about airdrops the most? The moment fresh-baked coins land in our wallets. And what always sounds a little bit frustrating? This eternal need for filling in the socials!

With our dashboard, you can get rid of this imperfection once and for all. Log in here and connect your socials to your profile. The corresponding text boxes will be auto-filled in the exclusive airdrops you join. A one-time effort to protect you against typos in the future.

You don’t have your wallets structured

Cold storages are the best to secure your crypto assets. But if you picked online or desktop wallets for reasons of convenience, check out My Wallet on the Dashboard.

Although keeping all the money on one storage is not preferable, to put hot wallets in one place might be wise.  My Wallet not only allows the easier way to keep a record of the airdrops you took part in but also gives you a chance to view your funds in one click.

You can’t find top rated airdrops in one click

What do our users find most important on our website? Airdrops, of course! We’ve changed the layout of the airdrop display to tiles which gives you a sneak peek into the airdrop page and its star rating. Now you can quickly see if a project will catch your interest or not. As soon as you spot an airdrop that excites you click your favourite social media button to alert your friends about the airdrop.

Your friends don’t refer you to airdrops

And what do you think is the best way to get referred? To refer other people and show them the benefits of the technique. You refer me, I refer you.

Start using this viral marketing approach by simply logging in to our dashboard and accessing the Referral section. There you can check all of your referral balances with one click. The email connected to your profile will display all the exclusive airdrops you joined, the referral count and referral code. As referral airdrops are one of the most popular features on our platform, we wanted to provide you with one quick overview.

You didn’t open a ticket

If you experience difficulties with the airdrop we’ve listed, it’s a good time to let us know.

We’ve implemented a ticket system precisely for moments like this. The system will allow you to ask a quick question and get a direct answer in a timely manner!

Few final thoughts

With the release of the dashboard, we hope to increase your user experience for collecting airdrops. We have added some features which will make your life easier and will leave less room for errors when filling in exclusive airdrop forms.  Don’t forget to keep an eye out for the process! We will start releasing new features very soon. If you believe we missed an important change to improve your experience please open a support ticket and let us know.

Want to test it? Log in the Dashboard now.


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