AirdropAlert Recap week 10 – march 2019

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Highlights AirdropAlert Newsletter

  • AirdropAlert March Giveaway Airdrop!
  • Steve Wozniak, Co-Founder Apple, on Bitcoin
  • 2100 ETH Gas Transaction Mystery
  • EOS Key Features


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Giveaway AirdropAlert NewsletterMarch Giveaway (SNTR)

1000 SNTR + referral reward

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Bitsdaq AirdropAlert Newsletter

Bitsdaq (BXBC)

6000 BXBC Tokens + referral reward

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Plair AirdropAlert Newsletter

Plair (PLA)

35,000 PLA Tokens ~ $6,00 USD

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OOOBTC AirdropAlert Newsletter


10 OBX Tokens ~ $0,50 USD

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Liker World AirdropAlert Newsletter

Liker World (LK)

200 LK Tokens ~ $7,70 USD

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Featured Stories Newsletter

EOS Key Features AirdropAlert Newsletter

EOS is one of the most popular cryptocurrency.

Anticipated as one of the most significant comeptitor of Ethereum, the key features of EOS are explained.

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Steve Wozniak AirdropAlert Newsletter

Steve Wozniak, Co-Founder of Apple, has shared his views on Bitcoin.

In an interview with Bloomberg, he discussed massive value creation by Bitcoin.

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2100 ETH Mystery AirdropAlert Newsletter

To transfer Ethereum to another wallet, gas has to be paid.

Taylow Dawson investigated a mysterious 2100 ETH transaction, findings are shared in the blog.

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Security Tips AirdropAlert Newsletter

In 2018, nearly 1 billion USD in cryptocurrency has been reported to be stolen.

It is crucial to protect yourself from hackers, in this article we share our tips.

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Bounty of the Week


Azbit Bounty AirdropAlert Newsletter

The Azbit Bounty Campaign is managed by Azbit.

The Azbit project primarily aims to provide traditional banking and financial services to users of cryptocurrencies and blockchain projects and to allow access to easy-to-use and secure trading and investment tools.


Azbit Bounty Campaigns AirdropAlert Newsletter


Checkmark – Bounty Budget: $720,000 in AZ Tokens
Checkmark – 1000 AZ = $0.12 USD
Checkmark – Bounty duration: Feb 25th – March 31st


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