Steve Wozniak (Co-founder Apple) on Bitcoin

After Elon Musk expressed his opinion on Bitcoin, we now see Steve Wozniak (co-founder of Apple) voice his opinion on the most popular cryptocurrency.

In an interview with Bloomberg he discussed “massive value creation” by Bitcoin.

Steve Wozniak on Bitcoin

Wozniak bitcoin

Apple founder Steve Wozniak continues to believe in bitcoin.

Bitcoin will eventually become the only currency in the world, according to Steve.

According to Wozniak in the interview with Bloomberg, starting at 4:00.

Wozniak was asked to elaborate on what the declining price of bitcoin means. He mentioned earlier last year that Bitcoin is “the currency of the world.” The interviewer wants to know if he is still behind this, now that we’re facing a bear market of over a year.

He responds: “I do not think that much value has been destroyed, but rather that value has been created. The psychological factor is a kind of anxiety grower. And there was the idea that bitcoin could go up to forty thousand dollars, while that ‘only’ increased to twenty thousand dollars. “

“I have a lot of bitcoin, but I have not stepped in to the investor. I have bitcoin to experiment with it and to see how it works to buy and sell things for bitcoin worldwide. it is nice to travel and to find restaurants that accepts bitcoin.”

Or maybe even pay with Bitcoin on Tinder?

When the price continued to rise, Wozniak got anxious. He didn’t want to look at the price all day long. He doesn’t know the current value but assumes that he was early enough to still be in the plus. But that does not matter to him. As long as he can keep experimenting with bitcoin on new applications.

Wozniak was the technician of the company in the early days of Apple. He was responsible for the first versions of the operating system and hardware of Apple.

Apple airdrop?

Airdrop Alert

Airdrop Alert

Apple already has an app that is focussed on sharing files, which is also called AirDrop. However, this is not mistaken to the free giveaways we are used to.

After Samsung’s announcement of adding a blockchain wallet to the upcoming S10 model and Steve’s endorsement of Bitcoin, we can speculate that Apple might be working on something behind the scenes.

Why else would Wozniak publicly support Bitcoin?

Once we will get more insights on Apple’s plans, we will update as usual. An Apple airdrop would be an idealistic scenario to create mass adaption of airdrops and blockchain.



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