FAQ – Virtuse Airdrop

Virtuse is doing an airdrop in collaboration with Airdropalert.com to build a community and distribute the tokens to a wide network. The  Virtuse Airdrop cap is 5,000 participants and each eligible applicant will receive 100 VIRT (~$ 3), however there is no referral reward system.


How does the Virtuse Airdrop work?

Read the airdrop rules and perform the tasks as shown on the airdrop form. For Virtuse Airdrop the tasks are Twitter and Telegram related. Therefore, you will need an account on each of those social platforms. Fill in the Virtuse Airdrop form with your usernames and your Ethereum address. Don’t know what an Ethereum address is? Read our Ethereum Wallet Guide.


Airdrop cap

The Virtuse Airdrop is limited to 5,000 participants and will close once this limit has been reached. Joining the Virtuse community will keep you updated with all events and progress of the project as well as the Token Sale and the Airdrop status.

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FAQ Virtuse Airdrop

Q1: Will you post a sheet to see if I am registered?

No, we will not post your information publicly. You will receive a copy of your application through email, which you can edit if needed. Please make sure all the information is correct.

Q2: Where do I find the airdrop form?

Go to: http://airdropalert.com/join/Virtuse

Q3: When do I get my tokens?

Token distribution is after Token Sale, early December 2018, depending when the token sale ends. If Token Sale is postponed for any reason however, we reserve the right to postpone airdrop distribution.

Q4: When does registration close for the Virtuse Token airdrop?

When we reach 5,000 applicants.

Q5: How do I set a Telegram username?

Please click on the Menu button in top left of your Telegram screen. Select “settings” and set a username.

Q6: How do I retweet?

Click the arrow square button under the Tweet, it’s the 2nd button from the left.

Q7: Error “Not Joined Telegram Group”

Please join the Telegram group of Virtuse here: https://t.me/Virtuse

Make sure your Telegram username correct in the form. Check the question above to see how to set your Telegram username.

Q8: Do I need to stay subscriber of AirdropAlert?

Yes, if you unsubscribe before airdrop distribution you will not be qualified for the Virtuse airdrop.

Q9: Do I need to stay in Telegram group of Virtuse?

Yes, staying in the Telegroum group is also required to be eligible for the airdrop. You need to be a member of the community until airdrop distribution.

Q10: Do I get a confirmation?

Follow all the instructions correctly and a confirmation e-mail will be e-mailed to you to confirm your application. Due to high traffic it could have a delay of maximum one day. Check other folders if you did not receive it.

Gmail occasionally sends it to your “promotions” category, while Outlook may send it to “spam”, therefore please check all folders & categories for your confirmation email.

Q11: How many VIRT tokens do I get for the airdrop?

Every person receives approx. 100 VIRT (~$ 3) on distribution date after token sale, scheduled early December 2018

Q12: Wait, you didn’t answer my question!

Any questions regarding the airdrop or referral system can be sent to support@airdropalert.com

If you have questions regarding Virtuse (NOT regarding airdrop), please ask it in the Virtuse Telegram discussion group: https://t.me/Virtuse

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