What Are Launchpads & How To Get Involved

May 7, 2021

If you are a regular in the world of crypto, you must have already heard of launchpads. But if you haven’t, it’s time you did. 

Over time, there have been several methods of bootstrapping funds for new blockchain-cryptocurrency projects. Beginning with Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs) in 2017, we moved to Security Token Offerings (STOs), Initial Exchange Offerings (IEOs), and so on. Finally, we appear to have settled with Initial DEX Offerings (IDO), which involves launchpads. 

The need for transparency and security has been a major factor driving the evolution of fundraising in the sector. Innovations in, scams out—this has been the motivation for change. In other words, a demand for legitimate regulations has organically emerged from the community. 

As the cumulative outcome of these changes, launchpads have acquired a crucial role within this sector. So, in this article, we discuss launchpads—what they are and how you can get involved. We will also look at some of the leading launchpads. 

What are Launchpads & How to Participate?

Launchpads are platforms where budding crypto projects can raise capital for further development and launch. They also help in building a community around crypto-projects, especially by bringing together investors and early-stage developers. While new projects raise capital, investors get early access to innovations with a high potential for sustained returns. A win-win approach? Yes. 

Apart from distributing tokens at reduced prices, launchpads also facilitate promotions through airdrops. Vetting is another important purpose that launchpads serve. Leveraging a smart contract, launchpads assure investors of the exclusion of scams and frauds. In fact, money is often returned to the investors when projects don’t materialize—that’s quite unprecedented. 

Starting off as an investor on launchpads doesn’t take much, unlike the preceding alternatives. Yet, the ROIs are significantly higher and definitely more stable. So, if you have a crypto wallet with some funds, you can start right away. However, since different launchpads work on different blockchains, you’ll need the relevant tokens for a given project. These are not difficult to acquire though, just that you need to be prepared. 

Top 4 Crypto Launchpads

Entering the space is easy, so why not acquaint yourself with some of the top launchpads in the blockchain-cryptocurrency industry. Who knows what you’ll end up gaining? 

Binance Launchpad

The Binance ecosystem is a haven for blockchain-cryptocurrency projects. In this regard, the Binance Launchpad most definitely plays a central role. Since 2017, the platform has been consistently offering advisories, funding, marketing support, and token issuance for diverse projects. 

To participate, you’ll need Binance Coins (BNB)—the platform’s native crypto—and a compatible wallet. For a successful launch, you’ll have the guarantee of up to 30x ROIs. In the past, Binance has been the launchpad for leading projects like Injective Protocol, PancakeSwap, BitTorrent, and Kava.


Since December 2020, Polkastarter has been a reliable launchpad for projects leveraging Polkadot’s highly interoperable and cross-chain ecosystem. Over 200K investors have already participated on this launchpad, while the trajectory is promising and upwards. 

By owning 3,000+ POLS tokens, stored in a compatible wallet, you’ll get early access and allocation for new launches. However, you can participate even if you don’t have that much. Public pools are available as well, but with lesser benefits. Exeedme, Fire Protocol, and MahaDAO are some of the projects that have launched on Polkastarter.  


DuckStarter is a launchpad on DuckDAO, released in early 2021 as an incubator for innovative blockchain-based projects. To participate on this platform, you’ll need the DuckDAODime (DDIM) token. 

Apart from ordinary pools, you can also access exclusive deals and private token sales. Projects on DuckStarter pay their fees in USDC, which in turn, is used to buy back DDIM. Some of the projects that leveraged this launchpad are Fyooz, Bondly, and Base Protocol.   


In late 2020, TrustSwap’s community-oriented ecosystem got its very own launchpad. The platform has a unique feature called Team Lock, which prevents auctioning tokens from abruptly losing liquidity. This protects new projects from arbitrary sell-offs and rug-pulls as tokens remain locked for a predetermined period. The smart contract then gradually releases the locked tokens as the project crosses one or several declared milestones. 

To gain early access to launches on TrustSwap, you’ll have to own 3,000+ SWAP tokens. However, you can also participate in public sales which don’t have such requirements. Glitch Finance and Yield App are two of the most successful projects incubated on the TrustSwap launchpad.   

Are Launchpads Worth a Shot?

The blockchain industry is booming, with several promising innovations entering the scene every day. To keep the game running, there’s a need for a sustained flow of capital, coupled with equally competent returns. Investors and projects in the sector are looking for a combination of security and returns. 

Launchpads are the perfect way of achieving what is demanded. Projects connect with a broad range of investors, who participate under high levels of security. Needless to say, the returns are unprecedented, despite the stability. In all, if you’re into crypto for the long run, you must stay updated about happenings on launchpads. As always, we’ve assisted the beginning of your journey into the future. For the road ahead, we wish you luck. 

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