Airdrops 2021: Comprehensive List of NFT-Focused Airdrops

May 11, 2021


Airdrops have a significantly deep history, especially in relation to the globally proliferating blockchain-cryptocurrency domain. Projects have been distributing free tokens for a long time, as a means to promotion and visibility. In general, to get free coins, users usually have to complete micro-tasks: referrals, tweets, and so on.

Although a great way of entering the crypto space, airdrops have a slight problem. They are often time-bound, meaning that it’s easy to miss out on free tokens. Enter Airdrop Alert. Since 2017, we bring to our readers all the latest updates and information about airdrops. 

Apart from helping them get free coins, we are devoted to educating crypto enthusiasts, and over the years, have touched millions of lives. As we move forward in our journey, this article discusses some of the best and the biggest airdrops in 2021. 

The Rise of DeFi & NFT Airdrops

For almost a decade now, DeFi systems have evolved enormously, with trading volumes growing leaps and bounds. The ability to have secure financial interactions without involving centralized intermediaries has naturally found much favor. More importantly, its vast potentiality hasn’t been lost on many who are concerned about autonomy, privacy, and security. 

That being said, DeFi airdrops are the perfect way for amateurs to kick start their journey. The intention is to give users a taste of the product, by handing out the native cryptocurrency in small amounts. Building on this idea, NFT airdrops have further diversified the domain manifolds.

NFTs or Non-Fungible Tokens are unique and non-interchangeable representations of assets on the blockchain. Crypto-collectibles, digital artwork, and in-game assets are some common examples of NFT’s use-cases. But the possibilities are endless, given that the underlying technology is evolving rapidly, and steadily. Against this backdrop, NFTs have become increasingly valuable, with some pieces generating millions of dollars in sales revenues.

Top NFT Airdrops in 2021

Never miss an airdrop—for most parts, this has been our motto. In another article, we have discussed the best ongoing DeFi airdrops in 2021. Presently, then, let’s look at some of the most anticipated NFT airdrops for 2021.  


Rarible is a creator-centric marketplace for buying and selling NFTs, with a native token named RARI. Distinguished as the first-ever governance token in the NFT space, it grants proposal and voting rights to its holders. Rarible is conducting a weekly airdrop of 75,000 RARI tokens per week, allocated in a 50:50 ratio among buyers and sellers. To participate, connect your wallet on the website, start transacting NFTs and wait for the airdrop.


Lotto is an Ethereum-based digital lottery platform, conducting ‘immutable’ weekly lotteries. Five LOTTO tokens are set aside from every participating wallet, pooled together, and assigned to a random winner every week. Now, they are airdropping up to 2,000 LOTTO tokens. To claim your share, you simply have to connect your compatible wallet to the platform.

Binance Smart Chain

In recent times, the Binance Smart Chain has emerged as a strong competitor of Ethereum, especially with regard to NFTs. For one, collectibles such as BNBBunnies are becoming increasingly popular by the day, but with greater stability than CryptoKitties. To continue and catalyze the progress, the platform is airdropping 1,500 bunnies, out of the total supply of 10,000. By design, every 100th BNBBunny will have wings and other special features. To grab yours for free, visit their website, connect your wallet, and make your claim.


As the final entry on our list, we have Polkamon—a platform that brings rare, truly inimitable, and animated digital collectibles. Prior to its upcoming Initial DEX Offering (IDO), the platform is airdropping Mysterious Polkamon Eggs for 100 lucky users. Additionally, 80 more participants will get ‘Moonrock Capital x Morningstar Ventures’ Silver Baby Dragons. What these eggs will hatch into, is indeed a matter of curiosity. To claim your egg and find out, visit the Polkamon website and connect your wallet.

Go Get the Airdrops

To conclude, then, we must reiterate some points. Not just time and tide, but airdrops also wait for none—grab them before the window closes. That being the case, one can’t stress the point enough that Airdrop Alert is dedicated to helping you. To have free NFTs delivered to your wallet, you’ll first need the right information at the right time. That is exactly what we have on offer. 

Actually, it’s not just about NFTs, but for crypto as a whole, we empower our readers with knowledge and access. As a contribution to the digital future, that’s probably the least that we can offer. Join us, and together we shall progress. 

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