Verified Airdrop by AirdropAlert – Newsletter Week 19

May 13, 2019
verified airdrops

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Highlights Verified Airdrop

  • Up to $59 from Verified Top Airdrops
  • Facebook coin, private or public?
  • Binance hack, but funds are safe
  • Starbucks to make use of Blockchain

Verified Airdrop – Top 5

cresio airdrop

Cresio (CRES)

1728 CRES Tokens ~ $17,50 USD

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ten technology airdrop

TEN Technology (GDEM)

90 GDEM Tokens ~ $4,50 USD

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uhive airdrop

UHive (HVE)

300 HVE Tokens + $1,00 USD

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biwo exchange airdrop

Biwo Exchange (BWB)

180 BWB Tokens + random reward

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fashion coin airdrop

Fashion Coin (FSHN)

34000 FSHN Coins ~ $34 USD

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Featured Stories Newsletter

11 crypto tricks

Airdrop participants are by nature interested in innovation and of course, cryptocurrencies.

We give you 11 Crypto Tricks to obtain free crypto currencies.

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coinmarketcap bitfinex

Bitcoin has recently surpassed $6000 USD.

Valentino Trogrlic, an expert serial entrepeneur, shares his market analysis and covers the BitFinex’s CoinMarketCap ordeal.

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facebook coin

Facebook Blockchain is confirmed and this means there will be a coin.

Is Facebook coin something that will be obtainable?

Read more..

binance hack

About $40 million USD in Bitcoin has been hacked from Binance.

Although this is a few percent from Binance’s total value, funds are confirmed to be safe.

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Verified Bounty of the Week

sesame bounty

The Sesame Bounty Campaign is managed by NashAmajh.

Sesame token provides on-demand food delivery services for clients through the decentralized blockchain technology.

bounty list sesame

– Bounty Budget: 180k SST Tokens
– 1 SST= $1.00 USD
– Bounty duration: Apr 21st – Aug 10th

Go to Sesame Bounty

News Updates – Verified Airdrop and Starbucks

bonus airdrop

AirdropAlert held a May Bonus Verified Airdrop, surprisingly the Airdrop got filled quite fast.

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starbucks blockchain

Using Microsoft’s Azure blockchain service, Starbucks wants to utilize the Blockchain technology.

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