Binance hacked, 7000 BTC stolen with 1 transaction

On May 7th, Binance announced it had found a significant security violation. Hackers stole around 7074 Bitcoin worth about $40 million in the time of the writing and could acquire access to several 2FA codes and API keys.

The Binance hack

Deposits and withdrawals are turned off for the upcoming seven days, though the European exchange states that its liquidity will pay for the losses and no consumer funds will be impacted. Since no Cold Storage is harmed, there is no reason to panic.

The so-called “hot wallet” has been compromised and 2% of the Total Binance Bitcoin Holdings are gone of Binance Yesterday’s hack on found a total of two percent of all Binance’s Bitcoin holdings evaporate into thin air. 

According to the launch, the Bitcoin wallet of the exchange has been influenced by the event.  This is supposed to be reassuring, given the quantity of Bitcoin along with that the multitude of this assault which Binance is currently holding.

The 7000 Bitcoins that are stolen from Binance were moved in one single transaction. Changpeng Zhao disclosed that this transaction was structured in a way that has managed to bypass the existing safety checks of the exchange and that it was unfortunate that it could not have been obstructed.  Once implemented, the trade triggered alerts in the system of Binance, and all withdrawals stopped immediately. The trades were structured to not throw a shadow of a doubt in their safety mechanism

It’s well worth noting that Binance has stated that there might be affected accounts that have been identified, which can be worrying.

What happens next?

It is clear that the $40 million should not influence the world market, particularly given the reality that it’s been allocating 10 percent of its trading charges to the finance that is SAFU.

The cryptocurrency community is worried that Changpeng Zhao has shown that their group has considered the prospect of a series reorganization and was in discussions. Considerations being: There is a Blockchain reorganization also in a nutshell, an occasion which excludes a couple of cubes that were a part of this blockchain. 

CZ has shown several experts of the situation, in addition to disadvantages, such as harm for Bitcoin’s community, in addition to a split in its community and the community. This is what is causing chaos since the system of Bitcoin is thought of like the one in which events of this sort were considered as impossible. 

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Binance investigates how this occurred and in which way they are neglected by their safety systems. In addition, they are figuring out how the hackers accomplished this theft. Here is the first example of a hack Binance, who’ve been famous due to their safety measures.

The market has cautioned that hackers might have access to more accounts and might utilize the liquidity in these to control the marketplace. Withdrawals and deposits are disabled, but they’re maintaining trading live on the stage and take necessary measures.

Bitcoin appears to have taken this very well. After the recent price surge to $6000, the price is not dropping much at the moment, hoovering around $5850.


I must stay safe

At Airdrop Alert, we reported on several exchange hacks this year already. Including Cryptopia and mysterious disappearance of QuadrigaCX CEO. It comes to show, that it’s not 100% safe to store your coins on exchanges.

Keep your private keys in your own control and keep a tight personal online security protocol.

Not your keys, not your coins!


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