How much money did the best ICOs raise?

You’ve probably heard that ICOs as a fundraising method can raise a lot of money. And it’s true. According to ICOdata in 2018, ICOs managed to raise $7,850,727,041.

Of course, not all of the ICOs launched are successful. In fact, more than half of ICOs fail within four months, according to the study conducted by a team at Boston College in Massachusetts.

Still, not all ICOs crash and burn. To show you this, we picked some of the best ICOs in 2018/2019. Let’s take a look at them:

Telegram (TON)

telegram best ico raise

Telegram managed to raise $1.7 billion through two private sales, in the beginning of 2018. The platform is built on TON blockchain.

According to its white paper, Telegram was founded in 2013, kept evolving with time, and in October 2017, reached 170 million monthly users, delivering 70 billion messages every day.

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EOS best ico raise

EOS is considered to be the largest ICO in the world, when it comes to  the total money raised. raised $4.1 billion for EOS.

EOS is a scalable smart contract platform. The goal of such a platform is to support decentralized, blockchain-powered apps. EOS.IO software doesn’t charge any transaction fees from its users.

Petro (PTR)

petro best ico raise

Venezuela held an ICO of oil-backed digital currency Petro, after suffering from sanctions imposed by other countries. The goal of this sale was to improve economic conditions in the country.

The ICO was successful and it attracted around $735 million from investors.

Dragon Coin (DRG)

dragon coin best ico

Dragon Coin is  an ERC20 Utility Token built on the Ethereum. According to its website, Dragon’s solution is “allowing both players and casinos to take advantage of the added transparency and security of the Blockchain.“

The token sale ended on March 15, and the platform managed to raise $320 million. Plus, Dragon Coin organized a bounty referral program, to increase its awareness in crypto community.


Contrary to popular belief, ICOs aren’t dead yet. Although some investors started to move to other ways of funding, examples of the best ICOs above show us that they can still raise incredible amount of money.

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