The new face of Bounties Alert!

A little walk down the bounty memory lane…

December 2017, The Co-founder of came up with the idea for a second platform. Since we’re the heart of the airdrop industry, why are we not promoting crypto bounties as well? So we got to work and was born!

BountiesAlert your marketplace for crypto bounties

So, what is new?

Does the design look familiar? Finally, some brand consolidation!

We have a clearer overview of bounties on the home page, and the overview pages like New Bounties


New crypto Bounties

New Bounties on for the enthusiast bounty hunter

Some cool features

  1. Share your favorite crypto bounties with friends with just 2 clicks!
  2. Comment on each bounty and engage in a conversation with us or your fellow bounty hunters.
  3. And, of course, watch a video explanation of the bounty you are about to claim…

The page load of our home page and bounty pages is 6 times faster than before, so you can claim your bounties in an easy and fast manner.



Airdrop Alert’s on

Airdrops and articles

You can now find your favorite airdrops on the side, which will redirect you to the familiar Airdrop Alert pages.

Additionally, you can also find the Airdrop Alert’s favorite articles, in case you are done bounty hunting and you want to stay up to date on crypto news.


Final thoughts

We believe bounties will become more popular and rewarding. Recently Coinbase rewarded $ 30,000 for one bounty through the Coinbase bug bounty program!

Thank you for being a loyal visitor and reader of our website. Looking forward, we are building and improving several platforms to help you find the best opportunities in the blockchain space.

We have several exciting projects launching in 2019, so keep an eye out! We hope you will become a loyal user of those as well.




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